Zodiac pigs this year fortune, health analysis

Zodiac pig:

In the business year, because of the year of 2016, the year of the year is not reused. In the new year of 2017, first of all, congratulations, this year’s run Zhengyin, in the name of power is not in the Fortune. The status will be improved, the prestige and momentum will be no longer available. If you want to start a business, you can consider starting your own business this year. In the fortune, B nobles entered the financial sector, and they had a lot of money in the first half of the year. They should seize the opportunity. In the second half of the year, you will be born with a sputum.

In terms of health, the health of the pigs is flat this year. Because of the high work pressure, the mood is fluctuating, and it is troubled by headache and insomnia from time to time! Heart disease must also be a medicine, so you should throw a happy thing, share your bitterness with your relatives and friends, or travel abroad. Don’t be depressed for a long time. In addition to careful attention to food hygiene, you need to have enough rest to avoid overwork!

It’s a generality of the pig’s wealth this year. It’s entangled in the “disasters”. It’s easy to break the money because of unexpected disasters and other disasters. It’s most appropriate to be cautious in all things. It is the main concern of the pig people this year. It is the improvement of their status. It is not in the financial position. The promotion of status has brought about an increase in the remuneration package. Or the risky investment in lottery is good, and you should also do a good financial plan.

has the ability to open, fortune, ward off evil, phlegm, and prevent villains. It is recommended that snakes wear shackles to make the house work well and drive away evil spirits. /span>Publishing a safe home, it can also increase business opportunities for snakes, promote transactions, and achieve the effect of Lucky Fortune.