The “Internet + Sports” brand, which is dedicated to the sports and health services of corporate employees, has recently announced the introduction of the core cloud products of the German software giant SAP, and jointly built an intelligent cultural service platform that provides sports health services for employees. To comprehensively improve customer service capabilities, strengthen service project management, data and platform operation efficiency, business management, and improve customer and customer services. Medium Body Lemon is also the first Chinese company to apply the system to corporate sports health services.

The two sides stated that this cooperation has great significance. Through the means of technology and big data, the two sides have greatly assisted the rapid development of mass fitness services around urban workers in the form of smart sports.

 Zhongshi Lemon teamed up with enterprise software giant SAP to build a sports health intelligence service platform

2015 Entering China’s enterprise-level sports health service market service, focusing on the goal of improving the physical and mental health of employees, relying on the Internet platform to provide a comprehensive online line for enterprises and their employees by sharing offline service sites such as diversified venues and professionals. Under the integrated sports health service products. Accumulatively served more than 200 large customers, mainly for the top 500 customers, successively for the Ministry of Communications, Shenzhen Customs, State Grid, Sinochem Group, CITIC Group, China National Aviation Group, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, CITIC Securities, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft Sohu, Sohu, Sina, Baidu, Lenovo and many other institutions and well-known enterprises provide services, and the direct service covers more than 3 million people.

After forming a platform service model with Internet intelligence technology + high professional service capability + rich industry shared resources as the core, Zhongti Lemon quickly increased the national marketing development and established Beijing as the center. The national customer service capabilities of eight branches across the country and covering more than 20 major cities have initially completed the national scale. With the company’s next stage of platformization and intelligent strategic development needs, the purpose of the introduction of SAP core products S/4HANA Cloud and C/4HANA Cloud by Zhongti Lemon is obvious, that is, the process is combined with SAP’s powerful enterprise management system. Optimize, present data systems, improve operational efficiency internally, strengthen business system management, establish shared industry chain resources covering the whole country, and comprehensively improve the system’s high-quality service capabilities for large-scale customers and users.

The core product of the medium-sized lemon “Lemon Sports” is a dedicated sports health service platform for enterprise employees. It is a B2B2C product with front-end health management, sports services and back-end connected enterprise services. A comprehensive SAAS service platform, such as management platform, site resources, service resources, and value-added products. With the solid R&D capability of Zhongli Lemon and the mid-bottom solution and customer data solution provided by SAP C/4HANA MARKETING CLOUD and COMMERCE CLOUD, Zhongli Lemon will upgrade its existing R&D platform to focus on the physical and mental health of employees. A professional B2B2C solution that provides professional, social, and fun personal and physical health services for employees.

Currently, enterprises are paying more and more attention to the shaping of corporate culture and improving the physical and mental health of employees. The sports health services for the enterprise market have been verified by the market and are the preferred path to rapidly promote the large-scale development of national fitness and mass sports services. The rapid growth of customer demand, verifiable high-quality service capabilities, and the promotion of a win-win in the industry chain are the reasons why the choice of corporate services (To B) in the sports entrepreneurship for the large-scale development path can be sudden. SAP is a leader in enterprise services, serving more than 80% of the world’s top 500 companies. SAP has more than 800 sports customers worldwide, including NBA, NHL, and German national teams. With SAP’s excellent product service and industry understanding. Li, Zhongli Lemon will accelerate the improvement and development of the intelligent sports health service platform.