Your daily worries are linked to losses

Your daily worries are linked to losses

If there is one thing we can accept, then there's a number on the scale that does not paint a complete picture of your health. It can, however, be a useful tool when developing a loss. For those who are trying to spend a lot of money, new research shows that you can do more than yourself more often than you think.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh, University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine found that people who suffer daily can lose weight than those who do not. da.

According to the survey, researchers analyzed data from 1,042 people aged 47. Within a year, the participants conducted themselves as they wanted, but they were using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices that sent information to researchers. The participants have not been given advice or options, but to monitor their responsibilities as usual.

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At the end of the year, those who have never taken their own responsibility or do so once a week are not burdensome. Experts weighing six or seven times a week, however, have lost 1.7% of their weight loss, which has become critical.

What is the special goal of implementing a regular scale? Keeping track of your code helps you understand how some behaviors (what you eat, how you move, etc.) affect your responsibility.

Edward Abramson, PhD, author Not only Baby Fat! and Professor of Science at University of California, agreed with this article. People do not decide to stay in the atmosphere that is very tasty and sweet-tasting are available, Abramson tells us Health.

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"You have no solution from Starbucks or McDonald & # 39; s, or you can print something in your electronic device or buy Snickers away," he said. "To cope with any situation that promotes valueless eating, you must be careful and deliberate about the choice you make." Another way to listen in: do the following daily.

Before you keep track of your new partner, it is important to note that such monitoring is not the same. Everyone who is responsible for weight loss or physical appearance should eliminate the burden of daily and daily health, especially those suffering from deprivation.

"Some of your friends feel that responsibility is only a matter of responsibility. Others are experiencing a physical relationship with this issue that can lead to serious anxiety, even sorrow, or other negative symptoms, such as eating food and consumption, "said Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, Health Contribute to the editor.

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Abramson said in his experience, daily misconduct has a lot to do with patients and poor eating habits. To avoid making the code on the scale of something important in life, he recommends that patients work more than once a week if they need it.

Weighting everyday is helpful if you can use the information you get from it, nothing, good, Sass. "For these people, the code can help them understand the symbols and connect between other characteristics and responsibilities, such as eating or drinking alcohol."

Conclusion: You need to be firmly involved in your relationship with your body before starting on the part of the routine. But if you plan to give it, it can be a tool that is important to keep track of the road.

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