You probably won't eat Corruption – and that's okay

You probably won't eat Corruption – and that's okay

Many of my clients have told me that they want to get rid of the feelings they are feeling
eating forever.

As a person who has struggled with eating disorders, I am totally
Understand & # 39; s ability to make these reactions go forever. For he may never have heard
forced to turn to food for comfort or stress relief or to get tired

Some people get there, but most do not – and that's fine. You can
make mountains of success without compromising on a satisfying diet.

In my opinion, it makes more sense to work towards less intense and less intense occurrences of an overeating thought. Templates to “end” emotions and anxieties once and for all and set us up for disappointment. Every time we get too far, we feel like we have failed. And feeling like failure is not moving.

If we work on turning you from a sympathetic + "very simple", here's what is about to happen:

* We are building effective ways of coping with stress in general. We started adding tools in the toolbox. Instead of eating JUST, we have many more options, even if we continue to eat in the toolbox as one option.

* We begin to plan our lives to remove the strangers we no longer need and can control (for example whether we are writing a holiday letter this year).

* We begin to realize that we are no more helpless, hopeless, and helpless than the story we have told ourselves in the past.

* We cannot suffer from food shortages.

When we overcome food:

* We are aware of this and will continue to review them carefully.

* The eating habits are legendary and not rigid. We eat one chocolate instead of three + and we can always stop well before it & # 39; s full. Often we will reach “that is enough; I got what I needed ”put it on quickly.

* We're be able to recover from any fast food area.

* We bring some kindness, kindness, and compassion to ourselves in our distress.

Instead of “I am not a weak bag,” we are thinking “Okay friend, you are having a hard time right now, eh? What can we do to calm down and find peace? I'm here with you, you're good, we'll end this together. ”

And so
instead of “all or nothing, conquer this forever”, shoot for “a
a little better, a little better, a little better at the same time ”.

And you may be spoiling the idea of ​​a regular meal – but if you don’t, it will be better than it used to be.

💙 Robyn

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