Phew. I used to use this place as a government magazine, like the days of a school blogger plus a cook, but I still have no words. That's ok. Most mornings I wake up in the morning, and Hugh brings me coffee to check my email and read the news, which, for the last time, is not a good way to start the day. However I do, and sometimes I cry. I cry for the people who are looting your loved ones who are not even safe, health professionals who don't have the tools they need – who are also sick and have to go to work in fear of that danger. I weep for many people who have lost their jobs, who cannot work at home with their children where they have a better full time and are still in school, or those who are unhappy at home even on good days, who have retired or are in the midst of it. a chemical or pregnant woman fearing the death of the virus. All of this is NEGATIVE, and I feel so much for a day, I can't write a letter. Once a day. Spend an hour. Check your people. Send them a card or a text or a funny story. Drink the good moments and go out when things get crowded and try to wait until 3pm for a happy hour. That's how we spend the days so far.

Most of my work is focused on dinner plans. I always do more than I need to, and since my husband and I work from home, we usually eat the leftovers. Due to the circumstances, I get a lot of questions from you about lunch ideas. Everyone in the house and everyone eats all day! I made this quinoa recipe last week and I thought to list it here. I've written similar things before and it's easy, but it doesn't seem like many of us have bandwidth & # 39; bandwidth & # 39; or shopping trips & # 39; to get angry now.

A week for lunch

Gribiche eggs
Onparagus as mentioned, toast, white with biscuits, cracked between soft grass etc.

Fried egg sandwiches
English muffin, fried eggs, bacon or noodles, arugula, avocado sauce

Chicken Chicken Chicken
Do you have any hope for a warm tender tip or fish sticks in your fridge? We have some easy to make homemade eggs in SK Little Sprouts! Replace cooked cooked beans, hot sauce, and another reason to make the soup mentioned above!

Tortellini with sauce & # 39; Spinach Spinach Sauce & # 39;
Easy to use add a bit of cooked chicken sausage if you want more protein, or if the baby tomatoes dadkaadu into this.

Orzo cooked vegetables
This includes lots of vegetables in the summer but I think you can put them in the spring – beans, leaves, parsley.

Heidi & # 39; s Quinoa Patties
This recipe makes it SO SO MUCH. Half or a bit cool. You can win half the rice cauli for the amount of quinoa and still work, or you can add some ice, frozen spinach into the mixture to get some greens. You can eat it in white soup or put it on Hawaiian rolls for kids.

Coastal Tourism Tuna Salad
Enclosed with herbs and raisins and lots of mustard in cookbooks. Obv I think you should buy our cookbook (currently feeling cut) but it's been revised and reviewed because I love you

  • 2 (5-ounce) water-cooked cans, drained + ¼ cup of golden raisins + 2 blue leaves, dice + 1/4 cup chopped herbs – 1 + tablespoons mustard seed of + 1 teaspoon of Diaron mustard + 2 teaspoons sliced ​​lemon juice + 3 tablespoons of pure olive oil or good quality mayonnaise + a good season of salt and pepper

  • Insist on all cracks,

Good Luck
This sounds like a few steps, but make a batch of insides and then you can repeat it many times! It is also great in a bowl shape.

Food Plates!
Yes, that is a terminology. Breathe in life and place the cracked things on a plate. My kids love things organized in colorful groupings and I like to go out with food. We love Mills Almond Crackers, (also at costco), hummus or guacamole, a thin layer of cucumber and carrots, berries, nuts, raisins, cheese and salami for those who want it. It's food!