Write anti-cancer diary girl to die, alert the world to prevent and control cancer diet, need to “step on the brakes”

Write anti-cancer diary girl to die, alert the world to prevent and control cancer diet, need to “step on the brakes”

Write anti-cancer diary girl's death, alert the world to daily prevention and control Cancer diet needs to

The Deyang girl who wrote the anti-cancer diary to encourage herself, “Zhou Zhoumeier” Zhou Lin, still Didn’t come over. This morning, Zhou Lin’s relatives released this unfortunate news through Zhou Lin’s circle of friends and Weibo: At 2:37 in the morning, she died at her home in Jingui Village, Nanquan Town, Shifang City.

The story of this anti-cancer girl fully shows that anti-cancer is not so easy. To control the metastasis and recurrence of cancer, we need to pay attention to many factors. There are many factors that cause it to develop. Among them, diet is one of the important factors. To effectively prevent metastasis and recurrence, all possible “fences” must be tightened to minimize risk factors. Many well-known clinicians have long noticed that diet can promote cancer recurrence and metastasis in long-term clinical observation! Diet is a double-edged sword, which is well controlled and is conducive to recovery. If you do not pay attention to control, it is often like “stepping on the gas pedal” to accelerate recurrence and metastasis.

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As people’s living standards improve, the nutrition and high-fat foods in people’s diets are coming. The more people, especially those in urban areas, are getting more and more overweight and obesity due to overnutrition. Scientific research has shown that overweight and obesity are risk factors for many tumors. Clinical experience is even more proof: cancer patients can not ignore the diet! Ignore it often causes a big disaster! In April 2012, the American Cancer Society (ACS) issued a guidebook emphasizing that “healthy diet and exercise can prevent cancer from recurring”, advocated “cancer survivors should pay attention to diet and exercise” and urged doctors to guide patients to pay attention to diet. Therefore, in daily life, we must start anti-cancer work from now on.

write anti-cancer diary The girl passed away, alerting the world to prevent and control the cancer diet needs to

Emerald University oncologist Omer Tuchik studied nutrition for prostate cancer Impact, he said, most doctors do not give these recommendations to patients, they focus on surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments for patients. “Usually the most unexpected thing for them is to tell patients to pay attention to diet and exercise.” This is very meaningful for most Chinese clinicians (especially Western medicine) and cancer patients! She at least emphasized the close relationship between cancer and diet and physical exercise. We must pay great attention to diet therapy in the process of cancer prevention and rehabilitation. Clinically, at least 1,000 patients at home and abroad benefit. We believe that the relevant conclusions of authoritative organizations such as the World Cancer Research Foundation are relatively credible.

write anti-cancer diary The girl passed away, alerting the world that daily prevention and control of cancer diets requires “stepping on the brakes”. “inline=

In fact, in the 1990s, the World Health Organization advocated lifestyle adjustments to prevent cancer. The various chronic diseases within the metaphor also symbolize the core idea that medicine and lifestyle are closely related, and medicine and food are closely related. Therefore, it is time to correct the inappropriate understanding of health prevention and disease prevention and cancer prevention and neglect of diet. There is a saying that the straightforward expression is that as long as you manage your mouth, you can reduce the incidence of cancer by 30% to 40%. Therefore, you should decisively step on the bad diet brakes in your life and give your body a safe eating environment.

Part of the article comes from: “How to eat cancer”