Women’s Underwear Health Care Tips

Women’s Underwear Health Care Tips

The health of the breast and the breast of the woman is inseparable. Do you understand how to wash the bra? Do you throw it into the washing machine because of the labor saving, and then don’t care about it, but you don’t know that the incorrect washing method will cause the bra to deform and fade. Here’s how to clean the stains on the bra and how to dry.

Underwear Care

When the bra is dirty, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. The longer the stain, the more the stain penetrates into the fibrous structure of the material, the harder it will be. So how do you wash it and compare it to science?

Why does the bra turn yellow?

If the bleach is applied to the hands or the washtub when cleaning the bra, the bra will change color upon contact, so care must be taken when washing the clothes. In addition, the bra is not thoroughly washed with sufficient water after washing, so that the excess lotion remains on the clothes, which will also make the bra yellow. The sun-driving bra will also turn yellow.

Women's Underwear Health Care Tips

How to clean stains on the bra?

When the bra is dirty, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. The longer the stain, the more the stain penetrates into the fibrous structure of the material, the harder it will be. The following are common stain removal tips:

Common stain removal tips

Pipstick or foundation – Remove with alcohol or volatile solvents, then rinse with a mild detergent solution.

Blood stains – brush the toothbrush with a thin lotion.

Sweet stains – soaked in rice soup water, rinsed slightly and rinsed.

How to remove beverage stains

Wine – soak in cold water and wash with warm soapy water.

Juice – Sprinkle the flour on the stain and wash it with water.

The delicate bra washing machine can also be washed

The current washing machine technology is very developed. Washing machines can be used to wash those delicate clothes, and even have special procedures for washing sweaters and silk. Experts said: “You can choose the shock program for clothing that is soaked in a small amount of water without rotating the water flow.” So lazy girls can use a washable when washing small items such as bras, socks, and knitwear. Net bags will be installed to prevent them from being damaged, especially when using the washing machine, be careful to protect the delicate clothes.

Underwear drying method:

It should be washed by hand washing. The machine wash will deform the steel bone of the underwear and destroy the fiber. Or choose to protect the net bag for machine washing, choose the shock program to minimize the damage to the clothes.

Do not wring it out by hand after washing. It can only be wrapped with a dry towel and squeezed by hand. After the towel is dampened, the underwear is flattened to the original shape. If the bust is to be finished, the shape of the cup should be arranged.

Dry and ventilate place to dry

When the wet bra is to be hung with the cup and the middle of the cup, avoid hanging the shoulder strap, because the weight of the water will lengthen the shoulder strap. .

The sun is easy to make the clothes deteriorate and fade, so the underwear can only be dried in a cool and ventilated place.

Correctly receive the bra to prevent deformation. The bra should not be placed together with the camphor ball, which easily breaks the elasticity of the fabric. If the storage space is large, it can be placed like a store; if the storage space is limited, you can buckle the bra back and put the shoulder strap into the cup. If the movable shoulder strap can be removed directly into the cup, Save; then adjust the shape of the cup to keep it in the best shape, then fold the lower frame of the bra upside down and store it.

Do not stack too heavy clothing on the folded bra to avoid deformation.

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