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Winners were selected on January 100th-January-KetoDiet! Thank you very much for all the reporters and leaders who helped our participants in this struggle!

It's hard to gather just five successes and some of the results are close. We must concentrate on the tiny data. In addition to human stories, we look at the overall results, health achievements and commitment to healthy eating.

So we did not win 5 winners, we got 3 extra KetoDieters who won a special prize! You can read their stories below.

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I hope to see you in the next challenge!

The winners are …

Jackie is happy!

Winners of the KatiDiet Challenge 100-Day

Jackie went on for 10 years. She joined the KetoDiet Challenge and lost more energy to play with her grandchildren.

Jackie loses about 26 kilograms, especially in the walled round and looks at the good things! After the challenge, Jackie's doctor suggests that the dose of thyroid treatment is reduced because it does not require as much as it does. The spread of cancer has improved, including triglycerides leaving 97 to 56 – Jackie!

Winners of the KatiDiet Challenge 100-Day

"This challenge is the defender of life to me in many ways. From my research results to my health. I really know 100% and I think I will never succeed in this victory without this challenge.

As you can see in front of me and behind the pictures, there is a great difference. Not only did my dress fit, but my face was not (the discomfort brought wrinkles). I have always been saying that I have no wrinkles because my face has filled them. But now, I'm glad to have these wrinkles because I've done them!

I like all the recipe! I have a copy of Martina & Keto All Day with the responsibility of publishing other books. These recipes helped me so much I could not hear. I've learned that you can adapt to each recipe for suitability. "

Jackie's gift: 1,200 USD debt NO any iPhone 8 with the mode of choice by Vitamix blender. She is also able to choose every book of my own!

Rodney is pleased!

Winners of the KatiDiet Challenge 100-Day

Rodney went on to challenge us to lose weight and move his wife. In addition to loss of weight, its goal is to eliminate the knee and pain.

At the end of this struggle, Rodney lost 21 pounds! The main motivation was the praise he received when people began to see his reward. KetoDiet College helped Rodney learn about nutrition and live a good life. He does not have complete perfection, supplement or follow a bad diet each day:

"I'm not perfect 100% within 100 days, why? Because this is why it's a living change and not a diet. And I'm learning about my diet now, caring for What we are participating in Preparation for myself. "

Rodney Number: A total of 750 US dollars or any Le Creuset Dutch Children and Breville Food Solution. He will also be able to choose every booklet for me!

Tell Cecilaine!

Winners of the KatiDiet Challenge 100-Day

Since May 2018, Cecilaine has faced many challenges.

Being good and pescative can be disgusting, especially when you are walking and your diet has limited limits. Cecilaine has been challenging to lose weight and to live a better life, especially for her diet and dietary activities. The biggest move is the benefit of a friend after losing 10 pounds!

"Knowing I was challenging and keeping track of my progress was why I moved.

From the neutral recipe I like salmon quiche, salmon with asparagus, cookies and cream shake, shrimp and delicious eggs, bread cake, scallops with lime and garlic, cauliflower rice whole flavor, cilantro sauce, zoodles together the shrimp, frittata, asian spice broccoli. Good things are good so I'm not left at meetings. "

Cecilaine gift: USD 500 Kill Out KitchenAid, Cuisinart Classic 11-Piece Fireplace and Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker. She is also able to choose every book of my own!

Congratulations to Allison!

Winners of the KatiDiet Challenge 100-Day

Allison joined KetoDiet Challenge for the loss, loss of weight and the spread of sugar.

Allison is suffering from PCOS and canceled can help control her condition. She wants to be a working mother to enjoy the physical and emotional needs of her body. In addition to weight failure, she wants to be able to get rid of it properly and to wear a blanket into her bag.

At the end of this struggle, Allison lost 42 talents.

"I believe that as a long-term lifestyle so it's easier than other programs to keep walking. I like how to eat good and enjoyable meals like other foodstuffs. .
From the recipe I prefer most wheat and salad dresses and put Reese's butterflies. "

Allison's gift: USD 300 Knock Buildings, Nespresso Espresso Machine, Spiralizer, and Glass Lodge Grill. She is also able to choose every book of my own!

Congratulations to Harley!

Winners of the KatiDiet Challenge 100-Day

Harley is a great collaborator working with her. He was challenging to lose weight and change his style.

After the end of this struggle, Harley lost 38 million pounds and did not feel comfortable. When she lost weight, her wife cared for her, and praised the movement and support in our challenges.

"How KetoDiet helped it be through a good support system and commented in parts of the umma." Partners who have helped so much.

Harley & # 39; s Prize: More than USD 200 or Avalon Bay Air Fryer, NutriChef Food Diet, and a Silicone 5-Piece Set. He will also be able to choose every booklet for me!

Special gift Go To …

Jason is here!

Winners of the KatiDiet Challenge 100-Day

Since the beginning of 2018, Jason joined KetoDiet's challenge. He made the second challenge in last year and won the free gift in a few months. Jason's change has passed since the summer of 2018 is amazing (see the scenario below) and now looks and feels better than ever! Since the last summer lost 146 assets. Jason has done well!

Winners of the KatiDiet Challenge 100-Day

"I got enough, and the goal I had put during the May-sep test when I started off, thank you for challenging #ketodietapp (145mbs). Now I'm building a muscle and toning tonight growing in the years when I am that person."

Jason's gift: Free credit card for Amazon USD 100.

Happy for Sarah!

Winners of the KatiDiet Challenge 100-Day

Sarah went on to challenge her loss of weight and had 2 diabetes under control. That is why she is a challenger and may talk with some KetoDieters.

After the end of the struggle, Sarah lost 39 pounds!

"I'm so happy and I'm just going to the gym. I have more energy and I'm not tired.

My favorite recipes are bones. She was very anxious to be saved! More than once. If I'm scared with kcal or if I'm in a bad condition and I want to be deceived. Only one of my and I feel comfortable. "

Sarah of Sarah: Free credit card for Amazon USD 100.

Happy is Abigail!

Winners of the KatiDiet Challenge 100-Day

Abigail was the third mother in the late years. KetoDiet's challenge challenges her and loses her health.

Despite the challenges, Abigail cared for herbal, glucose and ink. At the end of the challenge, it costs 28 million pounds and glucose fast now!

"KetoDiet Kill gives me a great base to keep moving. I am a long way off, but I'm okay."

Abigail's gift: Free credit card for Amazon USD 100.

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