Why not lose weight on Diet Diet

Why not lose weight on Diet Diet

So after you've heard from Hollywood listeners to a coach moving motorized to your mother about the loss they have lost by eating, you'll decide to give your lifestyle gift.

You are not alone. Few for eating ketogenic, this delicious diet is simpler: by consuming most of the kidneys with the amount of protein and small carbohydrates, your body will absorb ketosis and burn fat for energy rather than gums.

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Particularly part of the diet is that they are usually considered to work, especially if you want to lose weight quickly. But if that does not happen to you?

You may not have less money on the next table, or print a hill-or you (gasp), even though you are sure you are following the guidelines and measuring your foodstuffs. Unfortunately, we did. But before you put the towel and put it into bread and bananas, find out why your fight is not, and what you need to do to succeed.

Not literally in ketosis

It's a bit worried because you've left everything. da. carbs. and worked hard to keep up with good tooth. But if you do not see the results, "you need to prove that you are actually ketosis," said physician and psychologist Chris Mohr, PhD, RD, and Mohr Results. So try vitamin, breath, or blood-you can buy goods for use at home for each one. And remember that you want to get 75% to 90% of the daily cost of fat.

You eat a lot of food

Common diet diet increases by eating nutritious foods. Not so; It has a fatty diet that requires the amount of protein. Eat full protein, though, and can prevent you (or kick you out) ketosis. Most people on average should have 6% to 25% of normal calories from the origin of the proteins.

You are watching hidden hides

Food, nuts, and dessert foods are all foodstuffs, but all contain carbohydrates. If you do not pay attention to most of the cabs in the diet that you eat are not in these cases-even if you're just on the delivery of protection here and there-most of your routine can be higher than just you think.

Cosmetics should be reduced by carb to 2% to 5% of normal calories, which means you must keep track of each virus. "After eating a vegetarian diet is a challenge, so plan ahead," said Mohr. "Make sure you have a lot of drugs that you can enjoy in the future, and focus on getting your product out of vegetables, most of which have a few extra-cup cupcakes, And it is a tree, a grain, and a pomegranate. "

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Your calorie diet always has a lot

As with any food, calories are still numbered if you are on the verge. "It does not matter what the protein contains in calories coming from or from; if you get more calories than your body needs for a long time, you'll have a lot of weight," said dentist Jamie Vespa, RD, and Dishing Out Health.

The main nutrition you eat-a lot-is very good. However, "every fat of oil has more than twice as much calories than carbohydrate or protein," said Mohr, "so depending on your diet, it is possible to boost your illness, and by simply spreading it on some butter, extra oil, only increases the amount of calories, but it does not add much to the taste. "

Do not forget, if you follow foods that restrict all nutritional foods or essential nutrients, it is more important to make your diet easier to count on nutrition. "I've seen anything out of the Jell-O gifts without sugar to Slim Jim that is part of a ket-friendly diet, which we know will not do anything good for us," Vespa said. "Keto-friendly is a matter of concern, so it is important that we put more nutrients on this diet more than the amount of oil and timber."

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