Why nature makes us happy, happy, and more experienced

Why nature makes us happy, happy, and more experienced

I know that having a good communication is good for me before reading Florence Williams, "The Nature Fix."

Sure, I'm not sure I will learn something new from the book.

I made a mistake.

Williams decided to write a letter after traveling from Boulder, Colorado to Washington D.C. leaving her surprised and surprised if she were to live with a fast walk to a great life.

The weather, Williams ended in the book, not just something good, it is necessary – and the one who is deeply hurt.

Researchers find that time in situations can reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety, anxiety, tolerance and stress. It can also improve mentality, memory, cognition, sleep, pride and happiness. And the factors that can lead to external disorders can be avoided.

Surprisingly, just as experience in nature can be, no one is worth it. Some people (about 15 or 20 percent), just do not want to look like, and do not have too many.

My city dwellers + London beloved & # 39 come to mind. I think she was a member of this minority.

So, how do the weather do things for the people they want? Williams concludes that "nature is a catalyst of our own ethics, focuses on us, but it works in a way that creates social interactions and encourages exercise and exercise."

Even for a short time "can make us worse, extra, professional, and professional."

When 15 minutes were displayed in wooden to reduce cortisol tests, hormone worries. Increasing temperatures in 45 minutes, and most people have a lot of experience in the project.

To address the problems, Finnish researchers suggest that you make it a month and a month in the most important place. It's a great deal for most of us.

At the beginning of the year, I presented a regular routine that proved to be changing life. I am happy. Encouragement. More relaxation. More m.

I must admit that I was wondering why I had not been in a hurry.

During my career with my clients on the introduction of new health products, we started small.

Provide a lot of research that shows the benefits of getting out of doors, just about how to get started.

Is it possible to take 15 minutes from your day to get outdoors? For me, avoiding social media during the day is important.

We suffer from "the outbreak of epidemic from outside," Williams said, and has a detrimental effect on our health and wellbeing. This is a quick recovery. "In addition, the better you feel."

XO ~ Robyn

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