Why are gynaecological problems and infertility growing?

Why are gynaecological problems and infertility growing?

Introduction: Nowadays, there are many gynaecological problems and infertility. What is this about?

I will talk about a more extreme case. A very young girl got uterine cancer. During the conversation, she found that her living habits were very bad. She did not avoid cold during the menstrual period, and drunk cold beer and ice. Drink. The older generation said that women can’t touch cold water during menstruation and postpartum, and even cold water can’t touch, so they can’t drink cold beer and iced drinks. However, women nowadays have been affected and influenced by some new ideas, and they have begun to doubt the living habits and taboos that have been confirmed for thousands of years. Modern people have a way of thinking that holds a skeptical attitude toward all experiences that science cannot prove. In fact, the ancestors’ arguments were confirmed by thousands of years of practice, and then spread to the customs of the common people. The so-called saints, the people use it without knowing it.

The palace is the enemy of women!

Do you know which performances indicate Palace Cold?

1 small belly is big and cold

2 dysmenorrhea

3 face yellowing, blackening

4 sex is cold

Why can’t women touch cold water after menstruation?

Modern people are more troublesome. You have to explain clearly why he believes, I am trying to make this “why” clear: women in menstruation The whole body’s energy and blood are mobilized to discharge the congestion in the uterus, causing the body to be in an empty state, the defense is lost, and the cold is easy to enter the body. After menstruation and postpartum cold water, it is easy to fall into arthritis, and it will become rheumatism over time. Evil gas enters the joints, it is still light, sometimes it will drive straight into the uterus, which will cause the palace cold, but also cause uterine fibroids, infertility, and even more serious diseases.

It is necessary to avoid eating fruit during menstruation

Many people not only wash their hair during the menstrual period, take a shower, or even air-conditioner. The cool breeze that the air conditioner blows out is very heavy. In addition to avoiding cold, you should eat less or not eat cold or drink ice water during menstruation. Fruit is cold, and it is necessary to avoid eating fruit during menstruation. When it comes to fruit, people always think that fruits contain vitamins, trace elements, and a variety of substances that are good for the body. This statement ignores the important point that everything except its composition has its own properties of the energy fields such as cold, heat, yin and yang. Fruit is a cold thing, cold and hurt the spleen and stomach, hurting the body’s yang. Especially during menstruation, women can’t even touch cold water, let alone the cold things eat into the stomach, the damage can be imagined.

Drinking ice water, eating salads, and drinking cold beer are all spread in the West. The West is hot and the hair is heavy. Orientals have been drinking tea, drinking warm water and drinking yellow wine since ancient times. Our hotel has a hot water bottle, and the western hotel does not have a hot water bottle. Women in the West do not sit on the moon, but the damage is not great. Women in the East do not sit on the moon, most of them will fall into the moon, because the Orientals are cold, this is the difference in race. When we move the Western way of life, we must think about whether this is really suitable for us. Otherwise, if we lose our source, the danger is very close to us.

How do you force your own chill?

The palace is cold, not to be “life”

1 Eat less cold.

Sisters should not eat cold drinks, cold and cold fruits hurt the spleen and stomach! !

The food taken out of the refrigerator is best left for a while to eat. Ginger can dispel cold in the warmth and can be eaten properly. In addition, you can eat more foods such as walnuts, dates, peanuts, etc.

Why gynecological problems and infertility are getting more and more More?

2 keep warm.

Be sure to keep warm in the air-conditioned room, and wear a longer coat to protect your waist. When you are out, don’t sit on the ground or on the stone bench to avoid getting cold.

The food that the 3 palaces should eat.

Eat warm food, such as longan, jujube, lamb, milk, red meat, chili, brown sugar, ginger, black tea, etc., usually drink more brown sugar ginger tea drink Also has a very good effect.

Why gynecological problems and infertility are getting more and more More?

4 small pills

Insist on taking Fuzi Lizhong Pill to restore spleen and stomach function, Jinqi Shenqi Pills Jin liquid, many sisters are insisting oh ~

5 by the prescription of the soup to enlarge!

Danggui Sinijia and Wusong Ginger Soup

Reference dose: Angelica 45g White peony 45g licorice 30g cassia twig 45g Asarum 30g Ginger 60g Wusong 30g jujube 12 pieces one