Why & # 39; Ab Abas & # 39; It's not necessary (and what I'm doing)

Why & # 39; Ab Abas & # 39; It's not necessary (and what I'm doing)

One of the first things people do when they start to work is to focus on their absences, sessions, legs, cycles, and so forth. What do I mean, who wants six packs? All physical education has come up with the idea of ​​comparing your work to your direct work. Take it to Pilates. The highest point is considered a physical "general body" philosophy, but as many of the classrooms seem to end all the cost of doing all the hard work and other tasks that are being targeted (as well as whenever you cough next week).

Let's talk about radical ideas here. All this job is not important.

Do not get me wrong. "Absence" is very important. Not only do they come out of a very good body, but The abdominal capability also provides stability, improves the appearance, and improves the movement. Stronger stomach will allow and improve the full spectrum of exercise. Running, bouncing, lifting, throwing (balls, balls, or fingers), and basically all the movements need – they are good for the absence of strong absorption.

When thinking about the training, the goal of the fetus is to: provide a solid foundation for the rest of your body as it goes. They can move, but not their first job. Therefore, the most common way people learn to skin is to be very high and ignoring the important tasks of stabilizing and protecting resist it movement. When you think about that method, slap and sit down does not make much sense.

Types of Work Ab

  • Providers make sense because your hips are designed to be installed to allow you to bring supplies.
  • The groups make sense because your knees are meant to be covered and added to the weight.
  • Restraints make sense because your skin and rubbish are designed to drag your body weight.

Is it small? Abs are best to stay and support all other tissues and limbs move when space. Using your skin to move a weigh of several meters is anxiety. They "work," but is it appropriate? No

If you end up with direct work, focus on the activities that are out there too.

  • Where does racism (movement animals) do the bicycle (fare, legs)?
  • Instead of sitting (moving the animals), making the legs (leg up, leg movements).

In both cases, you will tear up your stomach cracks, but you will not be flexible and increase your back.

Well, everything else is on the way …

What do I do?

I am not doing a lot of work. You do not know whether you are bicycling or cycling. Instead, I will use my skin at all times.

  • When doing so push, I'm hard to concentrate on. A solid and calm, quiet place, the thick stomach makes me more successful and stronger. Make it hard without softening, and your hips will go down to the ground. You will be soft and weak.
  • When doing so death, I'm hard to concentrate on. My reason is that the snow leaf is rough. They are preventing my backpack and killing.
  • When doing so attraction, I use my skin so I can keep it tight. Try it. Instead of turning your legs or pulling it up to raise it, straighten and tighten it. The piece of skin. Think about the whole body, from top to bottom, as one thing. Stop the old barriers. Are you a basic feeling?
  • When i am standby, I use my family, "my lapel". They supported soft motion. It is my support base. Leave a start at the start of the day, and then see how the parties feel the next day.
  • When doing so animals (the front wing / left wing movement, the path), I tighten my skin.

Heck, when driving my car or carrying food I walk or walk to the dogs, I tighten my skin.

It does not matter what you are doing. The number of skin is clear.

There may be one exercise that I am specifically working for my absence, and this is the plan. But again, the shoe is working on the flame with anticipation of movement, making your body a solid and hard one against the congestion. They are moving.

I make a short video about how I work on a stomach without a normal procedure. See.

Finally, it's just the most important thing you can do to look at a look, of course, to be good fat. The mysterious, even the most frequent, rough outdoors are six packs of packs. Only basic human basic human mean means you have a lower abdominal area. Try to be satisfied and you will see.

Thank you for stopping today. Water & Ideas, Ideas? I would like to hear.


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