Who is your teacher?

Who is your teacher?

Imagine it's the first day of the Kindergarten. You are afraid of being happy and drunk, with a warm and vibrant.

In a day, your teacher enjoys you on and praises what you do well …

  • This beautiful picture.
  • Thank you for removing crayons.
  • That's just the way you look at it.

You shine.

On the second day of school, you dance in the doors.

Now suppose, if this first day, your teacher shows everything you do WRONG …

  • Are you okay to change the color? This is a bad thing.
  • Why not write your name? What's wrong with you? Are you crazy?
  • You are not as good as the other girls in this classroom.

For example (and not impossible), but think about how to feel at the end of the day.

Will you be happy to learn to grow and improve and come back on the second day? Absolutely not.

Yet most of us talk about ourselves as a bad teacher (day after day and day) and wonder why we feel stupid and uncomfortable.

I studied the work of B.J. Recent Foggies – Professor of Science and Professor of Stanford Film Journalist.

The person knows what he is saying about the change of character.

Here's what he said (in goals) …

Emotions also help us draw + deeper than we do. If you want behaviors that will stand, work as you do – and soon afterwards.

It is important to enjoy your bed, no matter how small they are.

To most of us, it is easy to criticize ourselves and rarely praise ourselves.

But in order for our minds to learn new characteristics, we want to commend + the announcement + of the fine and the fine. WE HAVE BUILDING AND HAVE BEFORE.

Always look for ways that you can influence your new IMMEDIATELY behavior.

Although it's …

Also, I did not do it until TOO.

Celebration + Compassion + congratulations on every small victory, no matter how little, working WAY better than criticism!

Ask a teacher.

And if you do not believe me, test the test …

Five lands by yourself and happily and lovingly for a few days for all the success of your money. Even foolish, "I wash my face today," and note how you felt when you lost a pest from yourself for any "failure" or "error".

KIND teacher yourself – and see what happened.

XO ~ Robyn

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