What You Need to Know About the New Budget Plan: myWW

What You Need to Know About the New Budget Plan: myWW

Everything you need to know about myWW ™, the new 2019 Budget Plan! Learn about the new red, blue, and green plans that include information about points, daily allowances, and more.

There is a new weight loss planner called myWW. Here's everything you can expect from the plan including new plan options, score information, zero point meals, and more.

Currently there is a lot about the new Companion Weightlifting Plan which begins November 11, 2019. Like many plans that have changed in the past, this has WW members worried, myself included. Today we will share everything we know about the new myWW plan so far. At the moment, most of this information is linked to the online bridge, but we will always keep up to date with the latest changes to Weight Watchers.

Let's start with the name. According to WW Australia (which has already released the program), the new plan will be called myWW. This new plan gives members more options than ever before in weight loss. Like all WW plans, they are based on the latest science and research. Budget watchers are always working to improve their plan and every few years, there is an update. This is no different.

Now the question everyone is asking, what about the score? How will they change? The simple answer is, they don't have to. For anyone using a successful WW Freestyle, you will still be able to use that plan. In the new MyWW guide, this will be called the Blue Plan.

In addition to the blue plan, for the first time ever, WW adds two other options. Interestingly enough, none of this new plan is new. Weight Watchers restore the program & # 39; Beyond the Scale Smartpoints & # 39; which was used in Freestyle. In the new program, this will be called the green plan. They also provide & # 39; Easy Filling & # 39; front row, which will be called Purple plan.

A new myWW plan logo with three types for food eaters.

(This image is from Weight Watchers Australia)

What is myWW and what is new in the Weight Watchers 2019/2020?

With the new WW, there are three options available to all members. Members will be asked to complete an individual assessment that will suit their best plan based on lifestyle, preferences, and goals. This will be the Body Weight Plan, but members can choose any plan they believe will work for them.

  • Blue scheme (formerly known as Frelete Smartpoints plan): This option is basically the same as the Frelete Smartpoints plan that most people are currently using. There are more than 200 foods of zero including fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, and legumes. There is a minimum daily allowance of 23 points, which will adjust based on weight, lifestyle, and activities. There will also be weekly points and Fittings. More importantly, if you choose the blue plan, you choose to use WW as it is now.
  • Green Plan (formerly known as Beyond the Scale Smartpoints): This opportunity brings back Smartpoints from its original Budget Plan. In this scheme, there is zero zero meal. It often includes fruits, vegetables, and very few calories. Under this plan, daily allowance is higher. It will start with 30 Smartpoints daily. This plan also comes with weeks and vitamins.
  • Purple plan (Formerly known as Whole Foods): This plan has a maximum of zero foods, with over 300 including leaf meats, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and some whole grains. However, it has the lowest amount of daily points. The minima are 16 points and will be high based on weight, goals, and lifestyle. This also includes weekends and weekends.

What has caused the change?

After switching to Frelete Smartpoints, some members realized they were having a hard time losing weight. Some even found that they were gaining weight. The main reason was that people overdosed on the new zero-fat diet.

WW added soft protein such as eggs, chicken breast, ground turkey, beans, and lentils to their list of zero foods, but this does not mean that these foods have no calories and fat. Some people find that they eat a lot of zero food, which causes them to see less weight or even gain weight.

The Zero Point Taco Soup, for example, clearly shows how this can happen. While this soup is a zero point in Freestyle, it still has 306 calories per hour. If you eat too much in these soups, or any zero meal, you will gain weight even though you are not using your points.

At the end of the day, this plan worked great for some people, but not for everyone. That is why WW has decided to restore some of its past choices. For those who struggle with Freestyle, they may prefer the plan & # 39; Purple Plan & # 39 ;, which have a zero fat diet and are more likely to eat too many calories as fruits and vegetables are naturally lower in calories and fat.

Weigh Taco watchers in a bowl containing beans, chicken, and cheese.

Which foods are zero points with myWW?

In the new version of the plan, the food at zero point will change depending on the plan you follow. This is basically how easily & # 39; Simill Filling & # 39; of the former. Overall, the Blue Planet & # 39; Fre Freighter & # 39; it will include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, eggs, and legumes. The green plan will include fruits and vegetables. The Purple plan will include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, legumes, eggs, and some whole grains.

All plans include some zero, kaloor low as vinegar.

What is my daily allowance for the new WW?

This will depend on the plan you choose, your current weight, current height, weight loss goals, age, and lifestyle. The unique number is calculated by Weight Watwers. However, here are some general guidelines:

  • Blue plan: At least 23 SmartPoints plus weekly points & # 39; Fitroints & # 39;
  • Green Plan: Minumum 30 Smartpoints plus weekly points and Fitroints
  • Purple Plan: At least 16 SmartPoints plus weekly points & # 39; Fitroints & # 39;

Can I change plans?

It seems that you are able to switch between the three options whenever you want. They recommend giving each plan at least two weeks before the change.

What that means and ideas

Honestly, I am really satisfied with the new options and I always think it is a good idea to let people choose the job that will work best for them. A lot of people I know have struggled with the freedom of the Frelete plan, so I think the list of food & # 39; zero & # 39; than would be a good choice. I also know that a lot of people liked the old program so it's great to be back in official mode.

My biggest worry about the new myWW is about logistics and how different points values ​​will be shared within the app. I would like to see if all the food items will show a certain amount of blue, red, and green programs. I hope this is not confusing as we move between apps.

Budget watchers are also organizing conferences to share information about new programs next week, so I'm excited to hear more about everything above.

What did you hear about the new plan? What are you waiting for?