What is biological washing?

Biowashing. . . Ten-ring mark certification products — future consumption trends

What is biological washing?

A washing method that can quickly degrade oil stains and stains (it seems that thousands of small bugs under the microscope quickly eat a piece of things), and the things washed in this way are clean and Hygiene, more importantly, there is no natural, healthy and environmentally friendly washing method without petrochemical ingredients, non-toxic, non-polluting and pollution-free. “Haixiang” biological washing is a revolution in the washing market.

The difference between “biological washing” and “petrochemical washing”

Petrochemical cleaner


(number of rows corresponding up and down)

The raw material is petroleum by-product, insoluble in water, easy Residue.

The raw material is a natural marine organism that is easily soluble in water and does not remain.

Washing method using surfactant tension for washing is a simple separation

Washing method uses biodegradation Washing is a complex decomposition process

AES-containing poisons, skin damage, rough skin, residue accumulation of liver, and health hazards.

Non-toxic and safe, tested by skin, does not hurt your hands, biodegradable, does not remain in the body, and protects health.

A phosphate-containing formula that pollutes the environment and damages the skin.

Phosphorus-free formula, marine life factors and seaweed ingredients to protect skin

First generation detergents

The third generation of detergent natural + environmental protection + health

What are the characteristics of biological washing?

Bio-automatic degradation: Decomposes the dirt naturally: “Automatic laundry detergent does not need to be washed”, “Shower gel does not need to be rubbed back” Pots and pans fruit and vegetables Automatic degradation, water is clean, skin care hand lotion super decontamination, mild formula does not hurt the skin, long-term use can make the hand skin delicate and smooth.

Infinite Biodegradation: Every step of the marine biological factor, whether in the home, or in the rivers and lakes, can carry out unlimited biodegradation and protect the natural environment. The home is clean and the earth is clean!

No corrosive: Contains no organic solvents and does not damage the surface of the object.

Natural ingredients: Non-toxic, harmless, non-petrochemical ingredients, natural raw materials from the ocean, can be watered to feed fish after dilution!

Biodegradation: As long as water can reach, bioactive factors can penetrate, resulting in excellent deep washing results.

Concentrated formula: Just a few drops at a time, you can dilute it to be clean and affordable.

Phosphorus-free formula: It does not pollute water sources, protects the ecological environment, and cleans and deodorizes in one step.

Biological washing, bid farewell to chemical pollution – the washing revolution! ! !

The First Revolution: The Revolution of Petrochemical Washing Products

Severe chemical contamination can cause acute illness and even cancer.

Second Revolution: The Revolution of Plant Washing Products

The degreasing component of plant-based lotions is still dominated by chemical surfactants. The plant-based ingredients added do not help decontamination, but are plant-based spices and soap bases. The products are mainly plant-based soaps (non-natural)

The third revolution : Bio-washing product revolution

Bio-washing products use the latest bio-active technology to extract effective decontaminating and sterilizing ingredients from seawater, completely replacing chemical synthetic detergents, compared with simple plant-based detergents. Have a bigger advantage. Its biggest feature is the biodegradation property, completely surpassing the chemical surface decontamination technology, which represents the future development direction of detergent, natural, environmentally friendly and healthy.