What causes Bloat Bloat and how to protect it

What causes Bloat Bloat and how to protect it

Bloat is one of our hopes that we hope not to show thanks this year. I mean, we are happy and awkward to celebrate this special day with our loved ones, and then after dinner, this animation is a little fun and it's a holiday and it is take it in, even days to the end. Talk about a weekly buzzkill break.

The locking button from the miss of you is to know all the reasons why the food is happening, so you can eliminate each one of you-or easily and easily everything that will make you feel at your meal time. Here's 8 inside bloat makes nutritionists want to be aware of.

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Eight: baby baby foods. We were all there. When we eat more than we usually do, our lungs are spreading to relieve food, Gina Sam, MD, gastroenterologist in New York, tells us Health. "In the muscle it comes out, and in itself it can cause a tear," Dr. Sam. Unfortunately, if you eat a lot of food, it will take a long time to get inside and inside again.

The memory system will not be as easy as possible. If you stay tall without eating and not eating until you feel hungry, it is easy to keep your eyes larger and inside the plate everything you can get your hands. Dr. Sam recommends eating a lot of food, plenty of food to keep food in food that leads to dinner and drinking plenty of water a day.

Gas production

Some of our favorite herbs, such as kale, broccoli, and cabbage, fall into parts of vegetables. This means they contain sugar called raffinose, which lives in the mouth until the molecules have stopped it. This produces gas, which makes you flower, Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, Health contributing to the food editor, said earlier. Legumes, apples, and anything else salty salts and can cause the stomach to add.

So reduce your slowness, but this does not mean that you need to cut off these items from your wedding list-or from your diet forever. "Consistent with eating nutrition, fiber diet creates a strong, potentially harmful body disease," Sass said. Interestingly, most people eat delicious vegetables, and they will be worried about you. In addition, there are ways to make these foods easier to take a degree, such as the animal that can clean the fiber.

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Wind water

This may sound loud, but when you are filling and swallowing your diet, you also swallow the wind. It can also control the weight of the air, but if you are in the decrease and gulp up to two minutes in the pumpkin in three minutes, you can meet the air as usual, causing your blood, Dr . Sam said.

To prevent yourself from taking too many strokes, Dr. Sam showed that he ate slowly, avoided their use, and pulled out of a suitcase. When you feel comfortable with the wind, you can pull it out by trapping, passing through gas, or going to the bathroom. Ah, clinical aids.

Test the weak

If you wash the feast of bread with a glass of milk or stick on a watered beverage and suddenly on your wrists, you can be bad. This means your body does not get lactose enzyme, which destroys the lactose, and the sugar found in breeding products, Michael Nusbaum, MD, the nurse and the founder of the Health Centers, tells us Health.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of vitamin-free feed for these days, including almond milk and soybean milk. The American Gastroenterological Association recommends carrying lactase tablets such as Lactaid, which can help you to make lactose foods.

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Sugar impatience

Sugar is a food that many people produce. Some non-inconvenience is the experience of companies such as oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols, in a group called FODMAPs, Brooke Alpert, RD, who creates a new Nutrition project. York City B Nutritious, previously said Health.

To do things that are difficult, FODMAPs are not just available; They are also in vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, asparagus. If you have a disorder of the FODMAP, your heart will enjoy, continue, and gassy after eating with these sugars. Avoiding the diet that produces it is the best medicine, so make it easy on casseroles if you think you can have such a diet.

Celiac virus

For people suffering from Celiac disease, free gift is not fun, this is a matter of life. Celiac is not ill; This is a disease that causes cancer, Dr. Nusbaum said. This means that when you are increasing in the body, your body causes a stroke, resulting in heart failure.

Celiac can show in different ways, but some of the symptoms include the risk of depression, depression, depression, fatigue, depression, and diarrhea. If you eat with wine on the table Thankfully, the building can come soon afterwards. It may be difficult to recognize the celiac because these symptoms are many in other situations. The way to know if you have this disease is a doctor.

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Why do some people like things like kindness and mixture with others and will be able to get hospitalized from eating them? "With a diet, the body's body, which is diagnosed with diseases, considers food as a risk," Sass said earlier. "This results in non-chemical reactions such as histamine, which results in symptoms like breathing problems, as well as anxiety, anxiety, cough, and depression." Another symptom is: the abdomen, which can If you eat something on T-day, you may be worried.


The ideal way to be full of foods that contain grain and vegetables. But if you avoid these while you are eating and hearing a lot of time later, ashes can be a conspiracy. "It causes you anxiety because when all the energy is built in your body and things are not moving, your stomach and belly, which is above you, will be added to the air and gas," Dr. Sam.

One of the ways to prevent constipation confirms drinking at least eight drinks a day, Dr. Sam added. You should take 25 to 30 liters a day each day-equivalent to four to five ounces of fruit and vegetables (which you can eat from celery bread, bread and vegetables) sweet, and other T-day).

Fitness is something that will help. Working with your fertilizer can keep you moving and you need to keep moving. If you are enjoying a bout after dinner, make it a great excuse to organize a day's turkey trot for you and your food shortages.

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