What a woman wants to know about black after the Weight Loss

What a woman wants to know about black after the Weight Loss

When Brittany May began to travel over the past two years, she knew that she would remove the skin when it reached her goal. Now it has a weight of 336 kilograms – but it does not prepare for the weight of the skin and how the fever will cause it.

"Nobody talks about hot skin pain can lead to the discomfort and stress associated with it," said May Health. "I have pounds and skin straps hanging out of all my parts that throw me into the stomach and put on the neck, back, and shoulders."

In the situation like May, do you think the answer is to remove the skin, right? So this is easier than done. Surgery is very expensive, and because no one warned May about the issues that came with the skin, he did not know that he needed to keep it in such a way.

"I think I will continue to stain skin, get well with it, and I can continue my life," she said. But now that she saw this was not the case, she wanted to know that she would spend money on the road.

It does not necessarily mean that the situation can be a great success. "I worked hard to free myself from the old prison cell, and now I'm rebuilding another," May said.

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But despite her frustration, she did not care about the decision to lose weight. Make sure, there are some skin motors that keep it from doing a gym. But at least he could get into the car to take his car, she said. "There is still a lunch and a day of what the world offers me now in this size as well as 500 pounds."

She's running with her leather skin always has a golden bottle. No cosmetic is allowed to keep things dry and avoid bitterness, as well as more than traditional museums and braids to keep everything in place.

I can tell her about Instagram in hopes that some on their mobility-loss can get the best of what they expect more than she does. He also wants some hopeful people to know that there is nothing to be ashamed of. If so, it's a reminder of how you worked with all your progress.

It is not surprising for people to come to May and say, "I want to lose weight, but I'm afraid of it," # 39; she said. She replied, "Do not worry about how to be better than yourself and your loved ones if you lose weight, even with your skin." Do not let fear of what's going to stop you from there. "

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