Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

As I write boostadan wind clearly outside the window, and the house, which is often managed to stay pretty warm without regard to what is going on outside, decide & # 39; a harvest of rough. It's a really cool Christmas day in New York. Because, because of the repeated nanoscale removal, and because tomorrow is the first day of my new DI cycle, we have gradually left out today.

Years ago, one day like this, as in, inside, inside, sleeping – they felt threatening the best, uncomfortable the worst. I forced myself to move too much, if I could not do it, I had to do more myself. My instincts will be penalized by the I / O activity, the EDs of movement, the worst feeling I have ever had to be able to eat.

Often, I found that growth and growth are slowly getting low and the few ways I can afford to take stock when I look at a lot of personal history. Today I sit at my desk and find out how different people are (in many ways – not really the others!) From the start of the ten years ago. This allows me to leave my body particularly – especially when it looks like lonely hours, still sitting, eating what I want, ignoring the work is not energy, when I think it is too big.

This is going to be much worse when we die of the death of Mary Oliver. And with me, with many people, they feel the appreciation of her poems and heritage. "Wild Geese" has a special place in my heart, because for many years it was the ED recovery of my species. If you do not know, here are:

You do not need to be good.
You do not need to walk on your knees
up to a hundred miles in the desert.
Only you should allow the soft pets in your body
love what they like.
Tell me about the hope you and I will tell you.
Otherwise, the world is moving.
Then the sun and the showers of smoke
they are on the ground,
go out of the high places, and the Asherim,
mountains and rivers.
On the other hand, wildlife, high blue air,
they are going home again.
Anyone you are, it is not a problem like a lion,
The world gives you your thoughts,
he calls you as wild, cheerful and exciting –
beyond and how much you have declared in your position
family families.

When I first read this poem, I was deeply involved in my illness that the word "soft" was stirred up by me not only "the soft pink," which contained an increased risk of feeling of emotions and hunger. ("Completion" is used as a soft word, part of the reasons why I returned to my blog post.)

I told the prayer that time, faith, and a lot of poetry will give the new word, and they say. Today I like the words "soft" and "soft"; I especially like to think of them as a lifestyle. "Wild Geese" has given me lots of things to recognize and respect the wisdom and the necessity of the desire of my body when I recover. It will continue to teach me more about myself that I am aware of the flow of things, to minimize the size of the life rather than to act, creativity.

The challenges such as the clock and timeline DI were very far, tested my own self-care. I am surprised at how best I have passed this test (ok, maybe not the best example) with a lot of kindness and compassion. I managed to take a lot of rest more than I could at times when I was able, to save my work energy needed to be done. I cut the edges. I'm flipping over what I do not want. I am getting better when I know when to call a day.

This may seem very-obvious not to be self-conscious of the second nature? But I think the problem is for me, I care that my body does not feel like the moment I get up, and I still learn how to do it. We thank the artists, poets, writers of poetry, ulcers, and other spirits to guide me and respectful way.

In the self-defense of himself, I publish this post, although the fact that we are very busy going to repair today's and today's soap and scrutiny of articles and links. You may not be aware that I was yea are very busy to see the food and food

They are here.


There is nothing I like more than a good, old old bowl with hippie vibes. Hannah has found one big name: the mother of the mother of the flower garden.

By proposing the DI, we are again thinking about good times, household waste ideas. I like Kiersten 's caramel nuto balsa!

I really like the cool food I would like to cool this summer in the winter (I have this broth, which is fine but not good): Jess & # 39; buffalo cauliflower mac n & # 39;

The New Year celebration is over, but I always like the stools and sticks, and now I'm all about Hoppin John.

Finally, a wet dense winter (which is a fan, which is a personal favorite!), Respect for Erin very beautiful.

Whereas ordinary readers, they have a relationship with Rachel Syme, known as Mary Oliver New Yorker. It was hard for me; Whether you are a supporter of her job, it may be difficult.

Good morning, friends, and good care. We have a small rice bowl and a coat we will share with you this week.


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