Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Finally I feel as much as my faith in my covenant has been revealed, or a message to another person. We say the last words, so I am happy to find other things from other people.

On Sunday, I wrote a case about the Consolidated Sunday and the good advice I received from the answer. I'm not so bad too, but my concern is so bad this week. It has increased in the last month, but I can safely call this complex.

Often I do not always understand the stress of my time, because it comes and goes when it's done. I think it may be possible for a lot of time, but if it's dark or something I'm aware of, much will change. Sometimes it seems that they tend to fall as storm weather, which is not disclosed indefinitely.

I know the trauma now, or at least one: it's serious. In particular, it feels that the last four weeks of my training are some of my most demanding, and I also feel that I have nothing left to give. I am very tired, and have come back. I know well when I go on and on when I have a hard time, but at this moment it seems like a sobering choice than the necessary tools. I have no energy to go out. The energy I need to go through my interpretation, my DI classes, my work, and my mum (they have other changes in the weekends).

On Wednesday, I felt the way I did when anxiety was the worst: it's crippled. So she cautioned for minor things, unreasonable things like cars or school assignments felt uncomfortable. Even my memory and attention are affected; Every day I've done stupid mistakes, something that does not go out and forget about others. The rest is not much better. I know that I'm not doing my best now, and even if life-or death is not a balance, it's not a big time for me.

I hate this round. How often do I tell myself myself that all of the stress is temporary, because experience makes me feel powerless and disrespectful. If a friend informs me about the same ideas and feelings, I would be around in my arms and say that we all feel like this at some point; it's normal, she is. But I do not know how to do this myself, at least when there are many times in a few times I am afraid of the absence, or my fears that I'm scared to do.

Instead of trying an attempt to stimulate a consensus, I want to do something rational, which understands the understanding and perception of the surrounding population. On Sunday, the reader sent me advice on how to catch the Scarman Sunday. She said,

One point in my life when I was beaten on Sunday, I realized that if I looked at every other day I asked, "Does this feel frightening?" She helped. I looked at some small steps: External steps at home – "Does this feel frightening?" No. Bus stop – "Does this feel frightening?" No. Follow the bus – "Do you feel this fear?" No. Looking for work – "Does this feel fright?" No No my new staff view – "Does this feel frightening?" No so all day. This helped me greatly, and I showed that I was not afraid of any small part and the image is made up of all the smaller parts.

These words have been lost. I tried these types of methods, the downstream method, but nothing is too deep. I can not imagine a good way to get rid of anxiety.

I had a lot of stuff on my plate today, including a long story. When I woke up and tried to think about the whole day, we could sense the mystery of the unknown. I correctly did what the reader agreed to do: I took every step of my days-sometimes literally-one. She took me. It reminded me that things are so frightening as I think they are, being defeated in the distribution of all.

I am particularly concerned with the recent blogging, but I try not to allow it to be another, a bitter note is no shame. Instead, I thank you-all of you – so often give me the tools I need to live in love and compassion. Happy Sunday.


Jackie eats better food than everyone else, and I would like to have her chicken cereal for the right cookie now!

A beautiful base based on a Greek salad.

Such a broth soup brush (which is very soft chocolate!).

My last doctor, caffeine had a tofu tofu that I fell into love (I actually brought some of his home on his last day and I was restrained). Allie 's Burger Chickpea This book is now calling my name!

Finally, sweets, feel all the Abby senses of natural oil.

Read it

1. Therefore, more happiness is suggested to be called "food like medicine".

2. We will spoil our pasta at any time of the year, but the target is connected to my mind. Food5 they are around 38 days a very popular vegetable, many of which are simple to minimize.

3. Receive this statement through Jo's cup, but I have already seen it. I loved it now, and now I like it.

4. A wonderful piece of information about the mediation (physical study), which I will need to read back before I say something meaningful. But I am one of the many who hear this many times over and I'm happy to understand and feel better.

5. Today it was a good day to read linkages and the power of each other.

I love you all. And although it is a few weeks, I managed to bring a fresh and sweet breakfast that I can explain and share with tomorrow


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