Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

For a couple of weeks in a row, I wrote this letter in a stable, calm, predetermined day, and I spent the rest of my Sunday for what is needed.

Not today: On Sunday, it hit the morning, and although they were planning a few good things (including seeing mum) that helped them to oppose, I was scattered just to sit down write something. We will start a new program tomorrow. The end is very close, but stressed stress seems to have a lot of time to tell when it's time.

This is a loyal part of my life: holiday days that feel sad, worried, and frustrated, rather than a breakthrough and appearance. Sometimes the best thing to do is to stop the resistance. In spirit, we will focus on some of the education and some of the TVs (exciting interests) during the evening. But we will share the following, which is a sweet and sweet sweet experience that I met in Sunday's Sunday when I asked for guidance on Instagram stories:

  • Try to keep everything busy. So it was there.
  • Take a deep breath – it will be normal.
  • This fact, too. Calling the mother 💕
  • Prepare for food, make lists, clean up, yoga, ideas, pet animals, outside! I can contact 😘
  • I always remind you to take only one week at a time.
  • Good movie !! Oil and tea.
  • On Sunday afternoon, a cup of my favorite tea, and just before the sleeping time.
  • Yoga, some alcohol, and a good sleep.
  • You are not alone! I try to enjoy myself to know that we are not alone.

I like all of these. But I especially like this last. Blogging is expensive for many reasons, but one of the deepest is the power to strengthen my sense of interconnect and remind myself not to go on what I feel / think / feel.

Thank you for all the sweet teacher in this weighing recommend this axis on Sunday. Thank you all for being a witness. Here are you to take this week once a week.


Was it easy to talk about the bed sheets last week, and Susan pulls me in a new way of preparing!

Shannon prepared what looked like the TLT (tempeh, lettuce, classic-tomato vegan sandwich).

I never had a lonely fan until I tried them. In fact, that's enough to make me happy with them now and enjoy them for a while; The taste is fun. This blonde blossom remembrance reminds me not to wrap the mat in the oven for a long time. I can not wait to do it.

The same thing as the best bread with a good bread. This is the first film of the o & # 39; & # 39; the fish I've seen & # 39;

Finally, I'm sure I would like to have a team of Alexandra's real gun to take me to the week.

Read it

1. Another new research study is using the red meat that has the risk of death.

2. CNBC looks at Ikian, Japanese in Japanese, meaning "why he lives." I like reading about this feeling and how it can be a part of a healthy life.

3. The real facts that Americans should focus on (which do not have to come up with a high price), through Vox.

4. Looking for a science page or two summer? I want to learn some science stories when my circles are integrated, and this list will be a good place to start.

5. This is not a new article, but I got to this day when I was looking for guidance on breathing. It has good advice on the termination and repatriation, and it is a good way to record the post today.

Ok, friends. Breathing deep in the night and week. Nearly.


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