Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

I can not believe it was already in June-it looks like it was just last August, and I watched the long way in nutrition training. Everybody has been convinced that the year will fly, and in general, he says, although some of the circles felt senseless. The reversal is one of these, which makes the end of the DI end at the end of July.

The only way to go is, until this change is over, I take one day – to celebrate the completion of each week. I also take a new look on my new one, which is unmatched.

Try hard to be one of my specialists. There are times when I am served well; Previously, it was my property for a student. Sometimes it provides my professional life. It is likely, marmar I swear by those I love.

For a long time, even, very hard to do is what it looks like: much. It means to energy up to the maximum I need. This means that we do everything we need, but every time we tackle and fix the problem is the cost of flush-no one knows, no one cares. On the other hand, trying harder, and at the same time, can be a foreigner. It looks like the control, which is my case, always – my regular attendance I am responsible for (or blamed) in circumstances involving two people.

It's easy to talk about the interpretation of depression, attention, and hard work, and it is very hard to do. When the control becomes a source of power and identification, and the control of the control combines "hard work" that describes the magnitude of each stage, it is difficult to estimate the amount of effort that even looks like.

I will issue a barrier, although it is difficult to give them many things that are more desirable, and not more. It will be very interesting to see how it shines in different stages of my life. At present, I request my current status. I do not tear it, but it is not going to go beyond or beyond to improve the natural condition, as well. I give a level of effort and a feeling of interaction.

This feels free to be free, if it's a little frightening. It makes me realize how often we give it – and when I say, it does not mean that I work well and continue to be realistic, meaningful, and important. I mean my time and energy in my time and energy on goods that do not require 110% of my effort, which is the result of a small scale and useful.

With two more rounds of this round, we will see how this experiment is going on. I will tell you. Today, I hope you will spend weekly weekly weekly energy levels. Here are some foods that read.


In the only time for summer and summer summer, Lauren created soft and soft salads.

I like the image of Mary in a green grass-so it is good to use the new seasoning season.

Cheese poultry cooked ingredients include the definition of luxury food.

It has never happened, or even the taste, Takikomi Gohan, but the fruit of the Japanese counterpart seems to be very good.

For sweets, Tieghan & chocolate candies are made of fine nuts.

Read it

1. Fire Plans, open eyesight for climate change and increased risk of fire in the west.

2. I really like the three questions of Professor Sheena Iyengar who help make effective choices.

3. Love, greater confidence in OCD, and confusion as a whole, like a double sword.

4. I have never thought how cancer treatment can be delayed by those who have experienced sexual violence, so this article – a sensitive and thoughtful process at many different levels – has given me a lot of Think about it, especially when preparing for help / medical care.

5. Finally, it was touched by Barry Eisenberg's op-ed New York Times on his 106-year-old class in Doris.

I wish you the best start of this week in June. I have a citizenship on Friday, which I feel different feelings. But I think it will give me something to write 😉


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