Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Happy Sunday, friends. It was … a week. Nothing unreliable, just a lot of practical work. They had all the same thing, which is more than my control.

It started at the end of last week. The relationship I would have hoped for (mainly for a long time) came out. Her appearance was sad and confusing as she began to look and feel amazing. I think it is a sign of a kind of development that I understood all the way without actually changing the result.

During the week, I was surprised to find myself in a specialist / skillful situation. This, too, is outside the control. "They say" – and I believe – we can control what happens, but we can control how we respond. Even trying to control my response has felt a lot of work. At the end of the week, all that I did was realized that everything was hard and I tried to overcome it.

In all, I was expecting the results of the health screening. They were good, but thankful, but the experience was a memory that our body was vulnerable, and there are so many things we can do to keep our hands healthy.

There were other things, too. A small note, though difficult to attempt to create a safe and secure life, I can not be myself. Life has other plans. Work against it. Other people have their own motivation and their needs for me.

Until Friday, I would go to a beautiful state of mine, which is a kind of flexibility. Or they may accept a good word. I did not fight anything that happened. I try not to change it. We did not even try to manage specific things or excitement; In rare occasions when I am struggling, I try to repeat the process by making the most important answer "I'm happy" that I can, if it's real or not. At this time, I have given everything to everything: the fact that everything is hard, the fact that I was struggling, and the fact that I did not have energy to put myself in another way.

I think of times in my life when the resistance feels important and useful. I'm thinking of especially during my life in my life as a graduate student, which is a sign of confusion. It is very important for us to fight social justice; I never walked through my backyard or my master program if we let them split up to make me better.

However, often, I think I should measure how much I have the sophistication. This is especially true of the truth, but it can also be the reality of work and life in general. There are forces in play that I just can not. I can answer the responses of my circumstances and feel healthy, honest, and kind. And-as I've learned this week-and can also release, stop trying to come up with the "right" answers every time, and simply let them become. This means that I give myself my life.

This change seems to be stable, inland, and up to now, confidential. Everything is unrealistic, it feels great. I wonder if the things will happen if I let myself feel like this – not a blind eye, but not too many. I think there is one way to find out, right?

Now, happy Sunday. Here are some foods that read.


I like the appearance of Sarah's brown rice and sweet sweet sauce.

Great selection of timber with spices: Rainfall rainfall.

I'm not sure how I was dressed in December, but Sophie's apple apple pine pine is very beautiful.

I have a whole grain of wheat wheat that is not good at what to do. I think these FOK flames gave me a response.

Finally, the vegan's dream of my dream.

Read it

1. A new study shows the risk of breast cancer deaths with low fat diets.

2. Interesting things: Mas & # 39; he changed his designer style to learn the language correctly in the environmental problems facing our steering group. "Climate change" will now be the "climate crisis," or "climate," and "global heat" will be "global heat."

3. Will you see a AI doctor to detect a normal illness?

4. I have all Spanish Sundance all year round, and it is sad now. Joanna may complete her strategy at the end of the week.

5. Finally, I love my friend Erin's story about why she and her boy ate breakfast and breakfast at their wedding. Here is his finger on the bed:

…[T]This is not a better and better breakfast. We sat on the soft seats in front of our fireplace wearing the standard clothes, eating the heat of our heat and making ourselves. It would be another day of our lives to that level – it really was a matter of particular importance. This day was not ah day, or only day. It was just a day.

Here is a complete breakfast for breakfast everyday. Have a wonderful break in the day.


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