Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

When I was in college, I had another relationship with "going home" than most of my people. As winter breaks and gu 's they fly shorter flights and spend another week. For me, it means the railway or walking forty-four kilometers south of the camp.

Since the person who chose to stay in the area, "return home" would continue to be changing in neighborhoods, which is sometimes meant to be unsatisfactory. I'm lucky to be close to my mother, especially when we grow older. But in fact it changes my experience of "home campus" and other customs that come back to the childhood environment.

Sometimes, everything will force me to visit a guest party; it is not because I have an extra broth or bread pack to deliver my mother, since there is a book in this store, I would like to read but I need my childhood home and everything else . This week was complicated, and Jim was especially special; I felt a lot of lost democracy in a long time.

So, last night, I came home. I slept on my mother, and I watched her everything as a real and true truth – rather than an emergency I was far away from my life. My mother did not do anything special about the occasion, but that's not the problem. The problem was to go back to my background, even if they are 15 blocks away from my age.

It worked. It was very quick to look at the tea tables in the waste room (now the mother's work), to smell the smell of the mother's toilet, to look at smaller pictures. I am visiting the mother's house often enough to be very popular, but when I actually look, it is a deep nostalgic, too.

Nostalgia may be difficult, but at the end of the week, they are welcomed. I needed to be respected in the early stages and in the early stages of life. I needed to tell myself myself that life would continue to attract me at the beginning and end and in a few seemingly, but always there is a strong and important strategic witness. We suspect that we have not done a lot of emotion, but I've spent the last 24 hours about a lot of sophistication and sensuality with a strong impression of propitiatory, perceptions of this word.

I realize that I am deeply involved in my home-home-feeling and feel safe. Next week, I wish you all a safe place to stay and live; a place where you feel nourished, you like, and remember where you are and where you will continue.

Here are some foods that read.


I can not get a lot of tofu cereals, and black rye cake Katherine looks special.

Broccoli, salads and light colored and red wine in the spring.

I like the Liv's style of juice with the juice.

I do most of the creams of cats, but still have not made waffleh. In this brochure, light storms look good!

I still have not completed the vegan coconut rubble, just as GF and vegan. But Sarah conceived.

Read it

1. Via Medium, take a look at the "Better Health" both for food and fitness. Interview with RD Emily Fonnesbeck, who spoke boldly about this topic. I am always satisfied with the fact that Emily's filmmaking on her challenge, started with a negative diet and has resulted in eating full fever.

2. I like the topic of Ronna Welsh about parenting for a particular child who does not have a personality, and how to communicate with me about cooking.

3. The reader handed me over to this. (It's green salad, too.)

4. A new study shows high risk protein deficiency.

5. Finally, it was touched by Audubon's article about the unusual animal family (two siblings and one mother) and how they shared the circumstances. Make sure you look at the live chat site if you have!

Ok, friends. It is a beautiful day in New York, and I go & # 39; I want to taste. Have a great Sunday.


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