Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Last Monday was the first day of oncology changes. Bicycles are only two weeks, and I have specifically asked for it (although it's too long for the migration) because I knew it would be the only opportunity to study with the cancer patient.

I've lost the last week's painless pain (I've stopped keeping track of it), but when I got up on Monday morning, I'm sure we're not good enough to go. I pulled out and settled in the water, and left.

I have to look even more than I felt when I came to work. My boss immediately asked me if I was sick. Midway through our morning magazine – maybe as I wrote or wiped off the nose – she told me she did not do my homework and sent me home.

I was dead, of course. As soon as I arrived in the morning, I knew it was illegal. If I were to stay on the day, I would have worked with patients with immune defenses, making me dry, sneezing and sneezing in the wrong way. It was a good example that I did not see the woods: I was focused on showing my first day of my work and working in an unacceptable job like the forgetting of my basic education, that's for people to help. They do not have to present illness.

I would like to thank my grandmother, but he directly helps me to see. It was an important direct call. As the training is on-and at this time, I feel like I've been stuck in the marathon the most difficult techniques-I feel confident in myself that many of the sizes and standards are accessible to them. But I can not lose sight of the fact that this is a very deep human experience: on the other side of my work and my efforts are patients and people who need my referee and care.

I am a human being: a dietitian who wants to do his or her best job. However, shame on Monday, and I did what I thought was the right call when I woke up. I learn differently, but that does not change the fact that I was doing it all the way.

Kindness, gratitude, gentleness: training continues to teach me how to improve myself and others. She has broken me in the way I do not expect, as the smallest I treat myself. Even if that was the only lesson I had from the experience, I would have had a good time to take it-sometimes with a curse and respect

I want a week loving, as always. Here are some foods that read.


I love my Sophia blog as a blog! The roasted roasted beans bring me back to my childhood.

This slice of cooked lettuce is baked in a simple and easy-to-order solution for the week.

I found fryer in the cold weather. So far I have used specially for potatoes, which is-as I tell people – it's enough to have the equipment properly. I eat a lot of potatoes! However, I want to get it, and this tofu tufu looks like a good starting point.

Ice-and-frozen ice, beautiful and deep.

You can always use the other formula for baking beans. This is a free, easy oil, and it looks confidential. I like everything that has been explained to me "sweet and sober", so I'm sure it will be my partner.

Read it

1. It's the time for the Guarantee to come here, but the winter and winter weather are dragging. I like this article associated with seasonal depression; It has creative ideas, genuine advice from people who live in SAD every day.

2. Important information Mosaic on anesthesia awareness and the widespread spread of events during general anesthesia.

3. I had the best idea on the web of food until I read this article! So exciting.

4. This article about a veterinary surgeon is at & # 39; but I've seen another, a short article short on a topic that found me incredibly. I did not give much thought about the additional effects of euthanasia damage.

5. Finally, some information Popular Science on new drugs for the treatment of depression after. I hope she will live up to her promise.

I have a clean, sweet, flavored cake in the coming days. Happy Sunday, friends.


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