Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

Weekly Reading | Further Assistance

It's fun, it's time to worry about the stresses. It was a week, although on the 4th of July, I would like to thank my training and my knee replacement. It does well, but these times are hard and trying to make everyone. I have not seen a picture or wallpaper in the past seven days.

It was not, though-and it is an interesting thing to know-it is honest. I honestly express my needs (including help asking for help last week) and honestly convey my feelings. All these feelings were included in the map this week; They include anger, depression, anger, tiredness and anxiety. But we allowed them to be what they are, and I did not order the beloved or aliens.

I did not use myself to think of myself as bigger; All of this, I share a lot with my Internet, and I do not have any problems opening up unusual topics. Even though I'm a big boy, and now, I will find out how and what can be. It is not information that has been blocked to change the story or forward it to the way it is done to deal with much better than it feels.

There are many things to say about the option and the degree of confidentiality. But I always know that I was diving to control things, and I'm in it. It is important for me to close the distance that I sometimes create in my own experience and the outside world that I'm keeping up for myself and enjoying the interest of others to become honest.

In this work, if you can call it, you'll have to be a little rational, clear, and not thinking about yourself before announcing a word or giving a response. This means borders when I feel lost or confused to find comfort as I feel. It is meant to be followed by a sense of vulnerability or injury, rather than trying to maintain a difficult situation.

None of these is easy, regardless of how "contact" my feelings for myself. In many ways, the forces in recent months has shown dareemadayda small, and I like to scratch (which I am now!), Is not such a bad thing I can conclude that a lot of herself.

It's fun, this is the self; It is good when it says what it needs without stopping to worry about how to deal with it. And to make a little space for her, I learn that depression and feelings are more reliable than I would give you a score. My experience is in a multidisciplinary test of brainstorming, brain drain; We may spend more time at the hearing.

I really did not get a way of communicating which is a fair and reasonable weight of emotion and feeling both thoughts and feelings, I guess. Perhaps the deepest truth here is that the "balance" of balance is one of the best in all forms of perfection. My inclination to introduce the new ground, one change over time, is the best I can do.

From a new week with the purpose of communicating with my experience – everything means and in any case lead me. You also want a good one. Here are some foods that read.


I like the Tuulia appearance of chopped carrots and zucchini music. May I never make a loose mold, but I always consider what good food they are when I make them.

Vertical leafy, colored Vegan comes from a wonderful Izy.

How does Amanda water the shelter?

The Tomato period is in the infinite where I live, and I will equalize every other between now and October. This simple simple prayer is like the best way to celebrate.

Finally, as peglova as a breath, I thank the aquafaba literature-and the quality of Agnes. (We used Chrome translation to access cookies.)

Read it

1. This security feature never doubles the value of iOS! But I am happy to see Carrie Dennett at one of the advantages & promises of carbohydrates, which is the color of the bowel. Dennett easily monitors a new research for the ability to infected with microbial carbohydrates, or MACs. This is a logical form of carbohydrates for microbial feeding in the large bowel, which reduces infection and helps our body to breathe.

2. Agency New York Times, the second patient HIV positive was diagnosed and treated.

3. Hospitals are shouting! It is one of the emotional experiences that I have been working in many healthcare facilities last year. I am very close to being close, so I am surprised if it was me. But this article Atlantic it suggests it is not.

4. Observe the promise and the possibility of visual appearance.

5. I became a supporter of the author Caroline Wright Food5, and this document is a reminder of why – such as human and touching. Caroline writes in the newspaper how her cancer has changed her relationship with her and her parents (how confidential?) Among other things, it is a beautiful description of what it means to grow and agree on one of the ways in which life is aware of the fact that each one of us receives. It was a great way to read this week.

I'm keen to collect the last hours of Sunday. Love and respect for all.


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