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I am writing this article while I am doing my home from far away. I will share more about the trip. In the meantime, I would say this experience has made me grateful for two things: thanks for the opportunity to leave home and explore a part of the world, and thank you for coming back.

It is the appreciation of the home I want to focus on today. Last week, I wrote about my exercise in journalism about things that make me happy. It was a light to see how small and quotidian these things are. And how lucky I am, really, that joy can live and live through things, habits, and relationships that are always within my reach. The next time I see myself believing that I need something I don't have to be happy, I remember.

My feelings as I travel today to hear back from a lot of posts said last week, except that they are more heartfelt because I went seven days. I've never felt grateful for my small house, the way I live, my local coffee shops, refrigerator food and freezer. I am very happy with the fact that my mom lives on thirteen blogs with friends across the country and I love her with all my heart. I am thankful for my yoga studio, which gives me a free space and a religious community. Thank you to everyone who is reading this article.

It has been annoying since my staff ended. I had to adapt to more time, more freedom, more choices about what I was doing and where life was going. Freedom and a voice of independence can be preserved, and of course they exist, but they can also be scary.

I think of many of the relapses of anorexia that grew up in a time when a major life transition happened or was at the forefront: the end of middle school, the end of college, the end of the first real. relations. I don't have a ghost coming back to my heels, but I have depression and anxiety, which are related to demons. I look forward to finding an easy time for change and the opportunity for integration and growth it brings. But with the layout & # 39; s, and the changes to my original style, they will probably always be a problem for me.

This is, I know, why daily happiness is important. Life is really uncertain, and everything changes. The so-called "little" is what is constant and reliable. They can be a powerful way to steer clear of direction, base, and gratitude in the face of adversity.

I spend my life and all her happiness and worth and the gifts that are often given to me. I try not to do it, but I do. Maybe that's just human nature. I know I will always have minutes or even all the time lost sight, but when that happens, I hope I can find ways to see the bigger picture again. Being away from home is one of the most powerful ways to regain sight, and I'm excited to return to New York with a new way of seeing. A respectful way to see.

Thank you all. Here are some recipes and readings.


I love the idea of ​​winter salsa!

Dress & # 39; squat bashchetta & # 39; in Deryn looks like a great holiday hobby.

Fried and spicy apples have two filling options – one with fruit, one without fruit – and both look delicious.

A lovely seasonal fruit salad, (sweet peppers and potatoes are one of my favorite combinations, as this breakfast recipe is proof!).

This will be a week of artificial sweeteners, but now these medicines are known as & # 39; peanut butter & # 39; and krispie chocolate seems perfect.

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1. I really liked those five lessons about RD Theresa Shank, especially the number two. I always ask my clients about bad life experiences, traumas, and depression; They are an important part of the "big picture." I need to understand how a person thinks about food.

2. I'm all for encouraging kids to eat healthy foods, but I've never been a fan of strength or pressure. Holiday tables can turn into difficult children's places.

Tan The New York Times In the article, a number of child nutrition experts argue that it is normal for children to focus on things other than Thanksgiving meals – even if that means not cleaning plates or eating anything at all.

3. A new survey shows that most participants in the Meatless town program Monday found it too easy or too easy to cut meat. I love seeing research that shows the richness and satisfaction of plant-based foods!

4. The wonderful story of one legendary journey from coma to Disabled Games.

5. It was not an article, but I was really touched by this Instagram post from Elizabeth Gilbert, and I wanted to go through it. It's good that "heartbreak comes from a long friendship." Gilbert writes,

My friends and I are not blood, marriage, law, party. We have nothing to do with each other. But we also have to take care of each other. Until we are separated. Because we have to love each other. It's ONLY. We never even have to think about it. Go & # 39; not. As my friend Martha always says: "The heart knows who he is." Today I want to say: My heart belongs to my friends. But always. I love you.

Reading this beautiful image of love has made me especially grateful to all my friends, old and new, but especially those whom I knew to be able to say we found ourselves in a difficult and difficult situation.

Have a great Sunday, all. I have a light chocolate-y dessert coming this week, which is key below to make the last Thanksgiving moment if you need it!

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