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Weekly Reading | Full Help

Weekly Reading | Full Help

There are a lot of things that should get a lot of my attention as they were last week. The thing I get most of my attention from is bread bread. Go & # 39; t fresh bread every morning.

Baking a bakery has been a part of my life since spring 2017, and while I was on my way I was separated by Ali Stafford & # 39; s. Toast, toast, toast. Shortly after, I found Emilie Raffa Artisan Sourdough Made It Easy, and my love affair with home-breeders launched Together, these books provided me with a foundation to start baking bread every week, and since then, I have continued to learn more, research more, and do more. Learn more about the activities.

There is not a lot of immediate apology for making bread. It takes time and patience and a willingness to disturb or try things you do not want to repeat in the next heat. But that's good for me. Root bread plays some of the qualities I was born with; it is technically feasible, it requires planning, and there are a fair number of science locked in to the learning curve. But it also requires me to be someone who is interested in the task rather than the one I recommend. That’s not easy at all, and that’s exactly what I need.

Besides, baking in general – not just bread, but all the other vegan treats and desserts I love – is something I can, and can do, give it to myself. It is interactive, fun, and there are always new skills to learn.

I need that now I think part of the reason why the sad monkey has been on my back since the summer is that I am being trained, no matter how tired, it has been. It didn't give me a lot of time and time to live on my stuff, and that was a pleasure for me, someone to take me out and get in trouble. There is a lot of work on my plate right now, but the schedule is not compared to what it was a year ago.

I imagine I would like to live in a quiet place, but until that day comes, I also need to be smart. For better or worse, I'm better off when I'm busy or diving in, and if I'm immersed in my favorite things, like baking, that feels like a meaningful way to keep me motivated.

It's also good to dive into the hobby of change, rather than work. I imagine that whole meal preparation can happen in the working class for me, but baking is only a small part of what I write about online. Most of the time, it is personal love, it is something I do for myself, my neighbors, and my friends. Growing up, and throughout my life, I have avoided activities that would not seem to have any of the knowledge and work and achievements in those areas. It took me a long time, but I'm starting to appreciate the importance – and comfort – of my favorite hobby.

I wish you the warmth and satisfaction that the baking brings to me as all the chocolates give you. Here are some recipes and readings.


Soft and sweet mushroom soup.

Sweet Miso Potato Miso is an amazing idea!

I love the idea of ​​a hot pot, and this one gets bonus points to easily assemble in a slow cooker.

This brown kabocha rice soup looks delicious and delicious.

And speaking of baking, some chocolate cookies & # 39; vegan chocolate & # 39; chinut walnut brownie cookies.

Read it

1. I found this article about eating disorders in rib communities so they are sensitive and thoughtful. I was encouraged to be well-versed in my work with transgender and nonprofit clients struggling with EDs and dysmorphia.

2. Seems sesame may eventually contribute to a major "allergy" of food allergies (milk, eggs, wheat, fish, fish shells, beans, peanuts, and vegetable oils) to the food labeling mandated by the FDA.

3. I have worked with some clients who have & # 39; gastroparesis & # 39 ;, and have always wondered how difficult it can be to manage as well as how low the overall risk of the disorder is. So I was pleased to see this article on RD, with the best practices for symptom management.

4. Frank Bruni has done something wonderful writing in the last year or two about suddenly declining his vision and possibly losing it all. This paper follows a lawsuit, not only as a theoretical view of what is involved in clinical trial, but also in accepting the face of medical challenge.

5. I like to think of vegans as a dietary option, rather than limiting food, but I know it depends on certain types of foods – such as food allergies – is not a matter of choice. I am happy to share the camaraderie feeling with everyone and all of their food choices look different than normal. And I loved it Travel The magazine article with friends for food restriction / food preferences at Friendgiving. I was particularly pleased with how sensitive and how well she handled issues such as relationships.

Speaking of Thanksgiving and Friendship, I am proud to have joined the vegan dining table traditionally for The New York Times cooking class this week! You need to be licensed to have it, but if you are not, these maize items are also popular. Hooray stuff, right?

Have a great evening, friends. We'll be back this week eating a nutritious and nutritious meal.

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