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Weekly Reading | Full Help

Since being taught social media, I have gradually had the opportunity to connect with friends, colleagues, readers, and clients. People have been very kind to me and hopefully move on to a new chapter. Many people have a shared memory of their experiences & # 39; s or professional training periods.

Several people told me they were excited to hear about how I took care of myself during my internship. I was initially surprised when I heard: the year often seemed to me bright, and there were weeks when my self-care looked like coming home, collapsing on the rest of the living room, and ignoring the ever-growing list. that was not done.

But I imagine that is the purpose. For the first time ever, I spent last year choosing my health and well-being more than anything else. This meant that the food and sleep were non-negotiable and everything was secondary. My diet this year is not always forgotten, but I have always managed to get good nutrition. Although I was always well rested, I kept my sleep as normal as I could. Whatever I needed to donate food and sleep to make it happen, I did. My third priority was to replenish yoga, TV, and home time. At that time I could have spent some time active and active, but I knew consciously that rest and laziness were more important.

As the year began, I had all sorts of ideas about blogging and work projects that I was able to do on my map. It just didn't happen to any of them, and I was really good at that. I would love to do more creative work this year, but I just had so much energy. Apprenticeships have applied for a lot, and the rest has been for the better.

I have cut many corners this year. I miss them at specific times. My house was a little better than usual. I didn't interact much with the community, and I didn't get regular friends or thoughts as I usually do. I miss some birthday and special occasions. Sometimes I would do things, like taking a taxi late, or ordering food from Veestro, felt like they were tense.

Now that life is normal again, I can appreciate how wise that was. I was adapting to the circumstances, which meant that I could not always be as sensitive or detail oriented as I was. It meant that I would sometimes spend money on things that I consider to be comfortable in everyday situations. They were meant to cultivate patience and faith that work, friendships, dating, and other things I value will be waiting for me when the year ends. Patience did not come easily to me, but this year I have no choice, and it was a good lesson for me in many ways.

I do not think my self-care this year is an example, but yet I do not forget self-care: redistributing priorities to endure and avoid fatigue, which I know from my own experience as the trigger. I had to give myself an internship for what it was worth, and I told my patients to be present and watch. We hear this all the time, but it is true that we cannot take care of others unless we take care of ourselves first.

I don't know how self-care is for you, and I know it's not my place to let anyone else prioritize it. But if it means anything at all, I would like a balance of energy and love that protects everyone in this community. Call it self-care, do a rehab priority, call it replenishment, call it whatever you like. I hope that you can always take an important part of coping with the stressful times of life, and withholding good when things get easier. You may be able to do it without apologizing.

With that in mind, we wish you a good Sunday night. Here are some recipes and readings.


I love the look of this image & # 39; vegan lasagna & # 39; with hearty sauce and sauce.

I use the store-bought beans that the store contains all the time, but I have to make it myself more often. This recipe is a great inspiration.

Beautifully soft butter and vegan butter masala with tofu.

This delicious breakfast singer spills out on Jackie's & # 39; s hash brown brownies!

And lastly, a beautiful marriage with a roll of cinnamon and ginger wood.

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1. Search the magazine has a rotation of the top ten science experiments ever, which is no doubt diminishing but entertaining and informative however!

2. This week the UN published a critical report on malnutrition in children worldwide. So it's sad, but it's important to be cautious.

3. I saw for the first time the inpatient value of inpatient patients this year, and I was pleased to see the attention being called to the problem of the physical therapist in this article.

4. More evidence that prefers consideration (and other ways to stabilize our monkey brain). 🙂

5. A little conscious, but I really enjoyed this article about the impact that Sanskrit alphabets have on Dmitri Mendeleev's seasonal table.

That note, friends, is too late, and I wish you a good rest. I'll be back this week with two new snacks.

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