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Weekly Reading | Full Help

This fall is all a new start. Over the last week, I've been feeling so much joy that it has so much to do. I am very happy to be reunited with my nutritional counseling and enjoy working as it is. I am still in disbelief when I wake up every morning and realize that there is no school work to be done; instead of doing chores, I can sit at my desk everyday and write professional goals, think about creative projects, or even plan what I will do for an evening dinner. It took a long time for me to get rid of all of this, and it feels great.

No wonder, I started the week with more energy and more energy. It's also not surprising, that life is not everything or anything – in this case, vs. new. On Friday and Saturday, I faced some familiar challenges. Yesterday morning, I saw myself asking for a sadly presented, angry response to something that was not really a big deal at all.

I calmed down, but after that it was hard for me to regain equality. I felt totally lethargic and allergic all day, depressed, anxious. I am very different from patience and active person I was a few days ago. When I was working on catching my breath and checking myself, I realized: New beginnings are often easier than small ones.

This is why the fall-back season, which I can incorporate into my collection of supplies, lists, and newsletters, feels great. That's why I like New Year's resolutions, birthdays, and other holidays that give me an excuse to set goals or goals all year long. There is something so wonderful about the belief that bedding can be wiped clean, that we are offered a great opportunity, a good opportunity to throw away our belongings and start over again.

The thing is, we can always start over. It is what they teach you about meditation, and it is true: the new beginner does not have us on holidays or seasons or even life changes, such as the one I am passing through professionally.

Startups are something we can do for ourselves in small ways, any time we see a pattern or reaction that we know we have grown from. We have to simply stop, acknowledge what is happening, and do something different – even if the difference stops breathing when we usually react.

I said "simply" because the whole purpose is that a new one can be a little more stable. But I know there is nothing simple about that. It is why it often makes it impossible for me to be cut off in my areas of negative thinking, worry, or anger, why I often find myself acting in the same way as the challenges I know even though I want to do it differently. New startups are fun when it comes to calendar, planner, and great goals to help us get in shape when we are in a good mood. It is really difficult when we are adapting to the flow of everyday life, and every day we present for a few minutes inviting us to do what is custom rather than what is new.

I see this in their nutrition work all the time. It’s why customers love, and often pray for, a specific meal plan, strict rules or things to eliminate, clean up, restart, or even a strict diet to follow. In addition to the fact that rules and regulations many of us feel safe, there is a promise of a new beginning, a new courage.

But the truth is that small, regular, daily changes are at the heart and soul of nutrition work. The ability to start the moment after eating something you regret, or limit it when you hope to be better, or over-the-top brainstorming tools you have learned: that is ah at work. Preventing the urge to "throw in a towel" or classify the day for some reason (and keep it up to something popular – but painful to avoid food) may not seem like much, but it is everything. For many of us, it is more difficult to cut fresh food.

I know how long it takes to make major dietary changes, and I celebrate life-changing, 180-degree stories. Many people need to see the results before they are encouraged to continue, which is why there is a time and place for ambitious goals. In my heart, though, I believe perseverance, perseverance, and patience are the key tools to disrupt the long-term peace relationship with food.

Needless to say, perseverance, persistence, and patience are the right tools that I hope to call it much faster and faster when I lose my life. It is normal to be full. But I still differentiate between positive and negative states from the one I would like to be.

It is important for me to believe that new ways of seeing the same things are possible. When dealing with depression or anxiety, it is particularly important for me to hope for the possibility of change. That change does not need to be big or dramatic; It can be as simple as walking, breathing, making small talk, and feeling different from the other.

I look forward to the changes you need next week. Here are some recipes and readings.


First off, I was very interested in this hot potato salad. In fact I prefer the tofu-to-option option: I love tofu toast and everything!

Heidi's Heidi rice soup with chili oil may be my favorite meal this fall.

I always keep an eye out for the lunch box promotions, and I love these cooked beans.

The chicken stew is a chicken that is full of good fall ingredients, and looks very stable.

And lastly, at least, I really need some of Britt's sweet potato life for gnocchi crawling in my life.

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1. There's nothing that makes me more active than drowning. I love this article written by Sharon Salzberg, in which she looks at pale governments, depression, laziness, and a mental break, always with a compassionate perspective. I read a few times this week.

2. One of the most powerful things in my ED recovery – and the stone I have called for my clients to use, was also learning how to consider nutrition according to the required good glass and nutrition, rather than would be the scary mirror of the “must of That note, I really like RD Tammy Beasley article, which provides simple reminders of how and why nutrition supports our bodies, our minds, and our relationships.

3. I thought this story for purpose and giveaway was very encouraging.

4. The CRISPR gene editing technique may show promise for treatment, or even treatment for sickle-cell disease, but patients express doubts about their access, pointing to the "medical isolation" of SCD community.

5. This is right for me today: turning negative feelings into a strong source.

Have a great Sunday, friends. I'll be back tomorrow, maybe, with a new sweet spread (and bread to put it).

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