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Weekly Reading | Full Help

Weekly Reading | Full Help

When you teach a great exam, which I am, you spend a lot of time thinking about focus. You should: concentration and concentration are a big part of preparing for the exam. The amount of time learning not only acknowledged the quality of the water awareness and implement stronger, but the separation is sometimes short learning how wise and hard to learn. (For the record, I need to study it wisely and hard to find anywhere!)

Over the past few days, I have given more thought to focusing on other aspects of my life. In particular, I had several exchanges that moved me. Thinking about them involves a desire to be heard as well as my ability to focus on my essay, so to speak. I am prone to re-imagining or even rewriting my experiences when it conflicts with someone else's account of things. My goal is not to be open-minded or deaf, because there is never one truth in human exchange. But I am working to really find myself in a way that feels self-compassion as well as being kind to others.

In addition, they asked me to give some thought and attention to the person and I want to be a coordinator. Life made me feel like I didn't need this, but it was an important exercise.

The whole thing is that today, as I write, I am engaged in silent activities and consider what is most important to me. This includes the desire to be thoughtful and kind, aware of others and their feelings. But it also includes the hope that I can continue to be with myself when my feelings are to separate from my feelings and clarify what others think or say. It is difficult for me to fight the urge to please, satisfy, and show any value, but the loss of reality and existence is of great value.

I learn how to be honest even with a gentle and kind person; I also continue to learn the hard lesson that it is impossible to avoid hurting or offending others sometimes. It is not an easy lesson in time, but avoiding it does not ease its basic problems.

I have so much in my mind these days, my dream at this time is to be alone with myself. My only source of growth is A-ok, but how I go about it in the world is also worth considering. It deserves focus. And she continues to find.

I wish you all a great week. Here are some recipes and readings.


I have seen a lot of people cook well, but none of them are seasoned. I miss you!

Speaking of greens, and to get me hooked, I love the look of Kristen's creamy salad with avocado pesto.

Liv had me with a "bomb bag."

Milk hot egg yolks with eggs to make while the eggs are in season.

Let's make all the vegetables fall apart / fall / mix / fall / trimming before the summer is over, right? This kind of blue is calling my name.

Read it

1. It is never easy to reconcile difficult ideas and compromises that are sometimes necessary to see them achieved. I was surprised by how sensitive Brian Kateman described how this conflict could affect vegans watching vegetation-based choices continue in the plant-based world.

2. Calling presents the loving parents and researchers who are fighting to make DNA sequences available to children with diseases.

3. Attractive (and scary) look at the effects of AC on climate change.

4. I am always interested in reading about the history of the world of plant-based eating, and I love RD Ginger Hultin's history of vegetarian food. Journal of Food & Nutrition.

5. Finally, author Kelly Corrigan's advice and honors to her husband at the new college, through The New York Times. I really enjoyed Corrigan's book Tell me more, and I felt the same way with this warm note.

Speaking of warmth, offer a small piece of mine to anyone reading tonight. We'll see you with a new cook, soon!

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