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Weekly Reading | Full Help

Weekly Reading | Full Help

I am in the same frame as I was a week ago when I wrote my Sunday article: taking care of business, a bit. There are things that feel really stressful, but I do my best to take care of what needs my attention regardless.

This includes learning to test RD; It took me a while to find my footing, but now I put it away. It includes continuing to notify all my work emails and stuff I pushed myself off in my field, so that I can get back to my full speed here. It's on a lot of family projects that we haven't taken care of this year. And it includes the business that has nothing to do with the business: nourishing myself with nutritious food, sticking to ways for me, yoga, sleep. In other words, self-care.

This morning I was thinking about how this really makes me feel better about myself: my part being able to continue and take care of myself despite my sadness and sadness. While the air flow and forces such as depression and uncertainty.

This is the "best of all" contrast to what I have been describing in my late twenties or even my thirties. After that time, the qualities that I often value in myself were my ambitions and my energy. I really loved myself when I was winning the dog and hitting things.

The strength and resilience I value now is completely different: it is quiet and humbling. It has nothing to do with performance or success. It doesn't burn as much as my old energy, but it's also not as stressful or sad or monomaniacal, which I'm grateful for. It & # 39; s the best thing I can do and give up on things I don't need and don't need to control.

Needless to say, I can't help but have a bit of an ultra-go-getter that I used to be. But a lot has happened since then, and I spent less than it was before. I love the joy and will when I feel it, but in many ways I value peace and contentment – and spend less. Anything I can do to protect my life, including the calm, consistent routine of the last week or two, makes me proud of any big achievements that may come out.

Here I am tonight. I hope to do another week as best I can, just a little. I hope for all of you, too. Here are some recipes and readings.


I always say goodbye to a cookie for breakfast, and these look delicious.

I love the appearance of the mushrooms sprayed with sweet fennel.

The great "rib" ribs (made with tofu) on Labor Day weekend.

These corn syrup fritters look terrific and practical.

Finally, a delicious Greek-style Greek salad from Tara.

Read it

1. This is the first time I read about Tramadol's epidemic in Africa. I hope that action and help will be possible now with awareness spreading.

2. Few nutritionists weigh in on balance, perception, and allowing comfort and satisfaction to be part of a healthy diet.

3. Whole grain is the backbone of my diet, but I can never say good fruits and whole grains.

4. Along with many others, I have felt sadness and alarm about the fire in the Amazon. Salon points out four points that can help you explain why something is happening.

5. In the meantime, I enjoyed it UnDark& # 39; Beautiful review of Lyall Watson's recovery & # 39; s Heaven of Heaven. I've never read it, but now I want to, and I like the way the Mairead Small Stead writes about it.

This is peaceful and productive next week. I found another one of those fast food snacks that come to you, soon to come.

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