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Weekly Reading | Full Help

Over the past few days, New York has gone through the hot, cold weather and has become the cold, dry, and bad weather that will come up in September and October. Everywhere I go, people talk about it. I think we all feel grateful for the small fall, even if no one is ready for the school season.

Most of life, at least here in the Northeast, revolves around rhythm and seasonal characters. They organize our experiences strongly, giving us clues to changes and changes that we can expect.

This week, I was commenting on a season that was right out of the air. As the year takes us through the cold and hot seasons, wet and dry, long and short, life takes us on special occasions. There are times to turn inward and in times to guide our energy outward. There are moments of sadness and joy, end and beginning, productivity and rest. Sometimes the changes between these governments are fast, and sometimes they move seamlessly.

Since my staffing ended, I was stopped in a state of insecurity. It was very difficult to do anything, even small things. I was responding to texts slowly and slowly, working at the speed of disaster, and walking around like no other, even when I had to. There are people I would like to adapt to the vision, but when I think about making plans, it is the last thing I want to do. The only thing that feels really good is calm.

Not shocking, reducing the mean time I feel more feeling, and that mixing of the raw material was a bit boring very sad. Running all year does not mean I have to contend with loneliness alone, which was a pleasure, however temporary. I am being bullied now, and despite my attempts to get out of there, I really have no power to do that. And the conflict itself feels important.

Things are changing, though. My car is coming back to life after a brief period of complete dormancy. This week I finally looked at all the important things on my to-do list: finances, hay projects, cleaning projects. I have not yet studied the RD, but I have finally started to open the study guide and started to make a plan. I'm (sort of) catching up on emails. I did not feel my desire to cook again, but I am excited to return to blogging with more energy in the fall, and to develop this recipe as part of it.

I am not a fan of compulsion, product added. There is wisdom waiting for seasons to change and take time for themselves. But she can feel empowered and empowered to appear on duty one, one by one. It is good to do something about it again, however it is growing and despite the risks that still surround me. When one lives with depression, as I am, the ability to care for the day-to-day business cannot be taken as normal; it is something to be thankful for, however it will end up watching.

I hope you all have a week to do what you need to do, as needed slowly or slowly. Here are some recipes and readings.

This low-quality Kung Pao skillet seems tasty and vibrant.

I love Jhanelle's hearty Jamaican hearty beans with gluten free, no less! This is just my food.

A delicious vegan baked snack for summer and entertainment.

I really can't wait to make this face-to-face recipe with cold bacon! What a perfect summer meal.

Finally, dessert. These fruit cookies & # 39; peganut butter & # 39; looks impossible, and Chocolate + PB is great for Combo.

Read it

1. Scientists have found what is described as the "storage space" of previously hidden galaxies. Bad.

2. A new study is strengthening the benefits of plant-based diet supplements in reducing the risk of heart disease.

3. An interesting view of migrating salmon, which is often considered a mystery. There is currently speculation that the team's decision-making may play a role, which I think is very attractive.

4. Too many popular foods claim to be "hormone imbalances," but it is important to be careful about carefully examining these commitments. Washington Post observation. I agree that a bigger, more focused picture is always the best way to deal with diet changes.

5. Finally, a new observational study shows a link between red meat intake and increased risk of breast cancer. Good information to consider, although studies like this are always important to consider that there may be many changes.

Well, friends. It is time that we would not continue to axaddayda return suulashoyda water standard. We'll be back this week with a simple vegan burger recipe!

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