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Weekly Reading | Full Help

I'm sure to say this every year, but I'm surprised this one comes to an end. 2019 flew.

Technically, a lot has happened this year. I completed ten years of class school, recorded my internships and became a chef, all of which is an important goal that I worked hard for.

In many ways, though, not much seems to have happened this year. I had the thought that passing the RD exam in September and independence from the school would only lead to many things, but it wasn't, really not. Everyday life goes on in a familiar pattern. That's not a bad thing, but I've kept it in a lot of ways that I was hoping to work on this year.

I am in a strange place right now: I have never done the work I need to do or are very aware of the responsibilities of my life. At the same time, I am never safe about who I am and what I am. There are many things I would like to compete with myself in 2020, but I do not feel self-hate or self-critical. The peaceful co-existence of co-operation and acceptance is new to me, and I recognize it as one of the biggest changes, frauds and domestic violence that has occurred this year.

There were other people. My worry was that I was enjoying holidays, but for the most part this was a year in which the anxiety was better managed and better calm down. I learned how to invest and use my energy more thoughtfully and wisely than I ever had before. We have improved border had some hard lessons in what it means to be a stand alone truth, I also learned to do so is, to chat with a friend, many considered the best choice.

I have not wasted much time in self-punishment, suicide, or the punishment of relying on my actions and words and my parents for too long. That has never moved me in the past, and not now. I stopped apologizing, forgiving, and explaining to myself, which is what it is about me not really thinking about others (in fact, it is a habit that makes people uncomfortable, for good reason).

There are things in my life that I would like to change, but I can't blame others or myself for anything I want. I am quietly focused on the present and looking forward to the future. This, too, feels growing.

I know I wanted to do more and make myself stronger this fall, but I believe in the fact that, if I didn't, it wouldn't be possible because I wasn't. We are where we are at every moment, and I am better at trusting where we are than where we need to be. I found a book for Christmas about zen and "art of happiness," and she asked me to consider what it would seem to me to believe everything that happened to me was at its best.

I'm not sure if I believe that, but I'm interested in exploring what it would feel like to believe, to accept it with confidence every moment. We will keep you informed of what is happening by 2020 🙂

Here are some recipes and readings.


The chicken soup, spicy and ripe, looks vibrant and tasty.

The vegan mushroom themes would make for a great NYE gift!

Sher's tomato sauce & # 39; Tuscan tomatoes with white beans are just my winter food.

Since I seem to be in a soup chair this week, another one: face & # 39 ;, vegan lasagna soup.

Peanut butter flowers were one of my favorite holiday cookies growing up. I love Tess & # 39; vegan and the no-no & # 39; gluten & # 39;.

Read it

1. Understanding new ideas about how humans in the past were managing themselves (and the genetic factors of that development).

2. I am surprised and scared to learn about the new limits of the deep sea – a company and a sub-continent I have never considered.

3. A wonderful piece about reporting the great influx of Canadian fossils and what impact it can have on world life. I like Sarah Kaplan's closing lines:

The human species is the first without the ability to change one's looga planet statistically geographically but also the ability to predict the consequences. We understand the connection between our mission and each of our possible future destinations on Earth.

It is a huge responsibility for that. It is a beautiful gift.

4. If you are interested in end-of-year reading, Behavior summarizes some of the scientific news that shape 2019.

5. And lastly, sweet The New York Times gender identity reunited after 63 years.

I will definitely check out the food spot earlier this week, but I still want to use this post today as an opportunity to wish everyone a safe, happy New Year. It offers so much blessing in so many ways, for all of us. And to all living beings to be happy and free.

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