Weekly Reading | Full Help

Weekly Reading | Full Help

Weekly Reading | Full Help

It has been a very busy week for baking here, and that is why I haven't found anything to post. Not just the food as needed for a good fix, beware, but real duds.

It was confusing. Needless to say, I reacted by slowing down and looking back at everything, which resulted only to fail. Eventually, I decided to take a real break. I cooked the rest of the week and weekend and put together some simple things to focus on what I meant to bake.

I wasn't used to the times I didn't hide in the kitchen. The last few months have gone a long way. I started abstaining from cooking at the end of my clinic, and have not been able to do it since my exam in September.

It's not really an effort, as I've been in storms and I loved that. It is more than creating limitation and enjoyment. Baking is comfortable for me right now because it allows me to dive myself into the pre-planned process. It's a job, but I don't have to decide how I am. Cooking is mind-boggling, and for whatever reason, I can't control the emotions we eat together at the moment.

All this I said on my Instagram, and I'm glad I got a lot of valid answers. Cooking can be wonderful and rewarding, but it is important to talk about the fact that it can be pulled as well. It's a shame that time and effort are put into preparing food for scratch, just to finish something you don't want to eat. Not to mention the regret after eating the ingredients.

One reader pointed out to me that cooking is often considered to be smart and easy if you have the connections, when in reality it goes through difficult times as anything else. In fact I found this to be true, and the exciting times have increased since cooking became part of my job.

If I have learned through the development of food, creativity must pass through the natural stages, which cannot really be forced. There are a lot of things that I can get upset about when I'm not active, but creative work doesn't belong to any of them. So, I will allow my pulse to continue as long as it lasts. I hope you all will be better off with "casual and edible" foods and baked goods than usual 🙂

Last week, I wrote about waking up in a season where I remember life in a different way with suffering and joy. The lesson was taken home, albeit in a small way, with my own cooking this week. The struggle, I know, will go a long way toward getting deeper into your room again.

Have a great Sunday, with friends and food lovers. Here are some recipes and readings.


I am very satisfied with the thick layers in the Valerie biscuit pot!

I love the simplicity and flavor of green Visa.

Red cabbage is one of my favorite vegetables: I like to have it almost all year round, cheap, and nutritious. This looks like a beautiful winter salad, which can be used indoors.

A nutritious recipe for vegan vegetables comes with lentil and romesco my friend Cadry.

Finally, I can't stop watching Marly & # 39; s amazing apple pie & # 39; vegan apple & # 39;

Read it

1. An interesting read about the necessity and problems of carbon dioxide removal in our environment.

2. I love seeing the overview of vegan holiday recipes and entertainment ideas.

3. I am anxious to learn this week that the terms of service have changed to the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, sometimes called food recipients) recipients. Hundreds of thousands are losing access to the program.

4. New information on how to use social media can be linked to youth eating disorders. Good motivation for those of us who use professional skills to pay close attention to the pictures and words we share, and I have taken it to my heart.

5. Go through The New York Times, the task of one mother's advocate for the diagnosis of autism. I thought it was a touching touch to parents' feelings about their children and what is happening to them.

I wish everyone a rest on Sunday night. And I hope this week I have some food to share. Even when cooking is hard, I need to eat, I'm the best at eating things that give me pleasure! Until very recently

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