Weekly Link Love-Edition 6 | Mark's Daily Apple

Weekly Link Love-Edition 6 | Mark's Daily Apple

Weekly Research

For older people with a healthy diet, the use of daily basic nutrition has failed to improve the safety of people with disabilities through raising the risk of bleeding.

Prenatal Pregnancy PFCS, which is found in the Teflon cooker and plastic packaging for packaging, can reduce the number of penis and fertilizer.

Adding the bacon beef to the sauce will increase the amount of sulphomena you have absorbed.

If a healthy adult eats high levels of protein or low protein, it does not affect their kidney function.

Only 12% of adults in the United States are healthy.

All researchers in McDonalds tested the stools.

The new Blueprint Podcasts feature

Section 296: Maureen Vincenty: Elle Russ's teacher talks with Maureen Vincenty.

Part 297: Brad Keto Tips, Mindset Health, and Visiting Your Vision: Brad Kearns's Team talks about the latest events of personal development.

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Media, Schmedia

The Chinese scientist studying the embryo seems to be missing.

Harvard plans to initiate a transplant of sperm.

Sorry, PETA. Speaking in the nonprofit community, the only acceptable alternative to "bringing home a pork home" is to bring the home made of sandwiched millet, nuts, and ghosts.

Water readers

Mark, the ideas of this new study "Hunter-uruuriya as a model of public health."


Very interesting. We will talk briefly on this day, and maybe they will soon go deeper.

She has hit a number of issues that I have been talking about for many years.

The daily movement rate is very high (more than 100 minutes in moderate and effective), the cost of energy is not higher than the modern. So they walk in many small, medium / low dose, but do not follow the heat of burns. It's a regular exercise, which is the most important, not the number of calories you have burned to "gain" "Should be mongongo nuts or honeycomb.

Low Calorie density, high nutritional density. This is the opposite of modern western foods, which are very high in calories and small amounts of micronutrients.

Carbohydrate information is different, but usually along with high fiber absorption. Children eat more than 100 grams of fiber, most of which reduce the subagate for bacterial pain, a normal day.

Normal life (60-70 + years), thinking of survival of teens and young people. It's not "dead 30". Most of the deaths of infections or injuries – two modern quality medicines are great when treating.

There is a lot, but that's a good idea now.

Posts Blog

They have been deleted from Wikipedia to ask the story.

Everything Else

Unraveled aircrafts service across Africa

Developing problems, risks, and benefits & diversity in different types of people.

About food, food.

One season of change changes the mentality of the young players.

British doctors will soon write songs, dance, music, and art classes.

What I'm going to do and keep in mind

Podcast I enjoyed doing: Primal Example Podcast, where I talked with Joe about buying Kraft.

Studies have found interesting things: such as hunger (food) and love (knowledge) fall into the same state of mind.

Water thinking: DNA does not make us who we are?

It's not a bad idea: A restaurant where children eat free if parents do not use their phones.

I am happy: Type 1 diabetes completes 1008 km non-cycling competition.

Water & # 39; the questions I ask

Does our blood make us who we are? Where is the free fit for all of them?

Corner Recipe

Capsule Time

One year ago (Dec – Dec 7)

Week Concept

"It has a well-known nickname & # 39; MetFartin & # 39;"

– MetFartin & # 39; what we are friends and I will be back to high school in NYC next week. Squeeze the museums, find a special group of anxieties who like art, and, well, ….


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