Weekly Link Love-Edition 5 | Mark's Daily Apple

Weekly Link Love-Edition 5 | Mark's Daily Apple

Weekly Research

AI can predict the risk of cardiovascular diseases from blindness.

Sometimes reminiscent of bacon keeps the rat against bowel cancer.

100 examples of reduced consumption of food and lifestyle.

Family food works.

Drawing helps to remember more than the text.

Humans may be yea they killed the comrades in Africa.

The same teachers may help with student achievement.

The new Blueprint Podcasts feature

Part 292: Laura Rupsis and Erin Power: Elle Russ teacher talks with Laura and Erin about the Primal Health Program Manager.

Part 293: Longcuts a Life Longer, Part 1: You know about shorts and lines. Brad Kearns's guest team talks about "falling," a lifestyle that can take a long time but offers a lot of benefits for a long time.

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Media, Schmedia

A man was murdered (mostly) on the island of Sentinel without being denied and tried to contact him.

Tokyo's restaurants to use robots and control a remote worker with severe disabilities.

Posts Blog

Always seek a second opinion. Never miss your feelings.

How modern foods can start national events that leave us.

Community articles

I went to the mama podcast to talk about keto, women's dresses and tips on Instant Pot.

Does anyone have Mark Sisson Foods Make a Vegan gift list? Or in one of my diet called the "thank-go" post-Thanksgiving food?

Everything Else

I will eat my hat if this works.

The northern Sentinelese district that killed the serviceers has a strong reputation of relativity on the relocation of Brit in the time of the kidnapping of adults and children, and adults are dying, and the children come back again a few weeks later.

The problem is settled, folks! Control the sun. I'm sure there will be no damage to it.

What I'm going to do and keep in mind

Study I read: Vitamin K2 of dairy products and other foods.

What I find interesting: A vaccine for depression?

I like honesty: Root vegetables have admitted that "your" is not a good reason to pay meat.

Another study I read: "Time to fast."

I am happy: big picture.

Water & # 39; the questions I ask

Would it not be a "vaccine for everything" that was confirmed to us safely all of us from a medical or psychological condition or illness – have negative or sedative impacts that affect the general public? Or could it be unnecessary?

Corner Recipe

Capsule Time

One year ago (Nov. 24-Nov 30)

Week Concept

"Funny! I said yesterday that my daughter was trying to be like Francis Mallmann and Mark Sisson, who lives in Mallmann's life, but she's like Sisson!"

"I would like to see Mallman / Sisson Amalgam, Rafael, although we do not know how the baby would be. I am a big fan of Mallmann, but not so.

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