Weekly Link Love-Edition 12 | Mark's Daily Apple

Weekly Link Love-Edition 12 | Mark's Daily Apple

Weekly Research

Maternal growth reduces the effect of Alzheimer's disease in the generation (in mice).

Subtitles are better than advertising for a new language.

The computer (and, although not assigned to the address, is a modern) can really cut your neck and shoulders if you are not careful.

Male circumcision can increase the risk of death in infancy.

If you have ever had a breakfast, you think you have already died of diabetes.

Body paint: Change DEET?

A new look

Section 304: Dr. Dominic D & # 39; Agostino: Elle Russ counselor doctor and pediatrician Dominic D & Agostino.

Section 305: Dr. Anthony Gustin: Brad Kearns hosting group talks with Dr. Gustin, an amazing name for Keto.

Every week, select Mark & ​​# 39; Daily Daily blog & # 39; Prepared as Primal Blueprint Podcasts. Do you need to read, but do not have time? Would you like to listen to the things you have to do when you go? See the new blog site on your site, and write to Primo Blueprint Podcast here so you never miss the event.

Water from the readers

Hey, Mark, what do you think of the goals behind the new global food guidelines? Are these really true or is it something else?

We talked about the next fight against meat for several months and we all saw it attracted for many years. EAT-Lancet food guidelines are the main cause of the major attack. Do not expect to lower it, or powers-which are you wanting to eat a little meat and buy extra cereals. Meat is not a good thing. That's what's going on. Weather is not. Not "health risks".

If I feel more suspicious, I also think that the benefit of being able to become more profound, and the bank raises the prevalence of high-risk disease-related illnesses that require regular medication and care regular health

Media, Schmedia

The guidelines for the international food certification will allow 7 grams (yes, GRAMS) of red meat every day. I am looking forward to my annual payment for the last week.

Modern Mirror: New Margarine?

Posts Interesting Blog

So, the fake bottle really is the employee's confidence in their lives?

Causes 20 (at least) the reason for the wrong new food.

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Everything Else

"Is he anxious, how do you want to control bacon every three days, so that I can fly and fly and fly to a non-crime case?"

Nomadic Mongolians were so healthy.

The Tokyo Fisheries Supervision Division is currently open to the public.

There is nothing going on, just sunshine from foreigners.

Things you need.

Things we enjoy in my interest

Podcast I enjoyed: Johann Hari on Tangentially Speaking about the real reason for discrimination.

Photo I found something interesting: All the companies involved in the committee to push for a small meal / international meat.

We have a lightbulb: a booklet about mental health issues goes away from the books and diary books.

Reddit reviews you need to read: While the author compares the macronutrient ratio of EAT-Lancet and obesogenic gum foods and gets them the same.

Every person needs to read: When something goes wrong, think about how it can be defective.

Water & # 39; I ask the questions

Where do you see "war on" meat? "How long do you see it going?

Corner Recipe

Capsule Time

One year ago (Jan 13 – Jan 19)

Week Concept

"The best thing about cancer is that the title of the title has attracted me, but they have a ribbons in my style." 4. You are not just lying.

This is the highest one. "

– In fact, DBW.


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