Weekly Link Link Love-Edition 2 | Mark's Daily Apple

Weekly Link Link Love-Edition 2 | Mark's Daily Apple

Weekly Research

The latest MDMA trials recognize that 76% is effective for PTSD treatment. Full FDA approval is expected in 2021.

Though just as 500,000 years ago, Arabia was green, the houses were living and traveling there.

Fear yourself to remember your emotions.

Continuously increasing international travel really cut down the risk of international pandemic.

CoQ10 is good for Type 2 diabetes.

The new Blueprint Podcasts feature

Section 287: Victoria Field: Elle Russ's magazine with Victoria Field, a great international expert and nutrient nutrition based on nutrition and human nutrition.

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Schmedia news

New surgical students do not have the necessary books to succeed.

Water Priorities for the Week

Marek asked:

Posts Blog

Paleobacteria researchers try to avoid foliage-leafy foods, which are poorly eroded.

Ketosis and arthritis (or "no").

Community articles

Go to the doctor.

Halloween passed, but these NomNomPaleo Halloweenies are a great way to raise children in cooking (and eating).

Brad Kearns' in the last two years was very good. First, his interview with Vinnie Tortorich and then "breathe" while Brad talks about Deepak Chopra's vision, long time, and bumps.

Everything Else

AI-made paint produces a very high value.

What are the thousands of flowing flocks in the waters outside Monterey?

I would vote for him tan calm

Links to predict and endeavor to mood.

What I'm going to do and keep in mind

I would not be surprised if it had caused: More time screening, a bit of a psychic (one of which is & younger).

You know what they say: "Neanderthals sleep, get in touch with HPV."

My favorite article: "What do they have to do?"

The result you might not be expected to do: those who take advantage of the many tips for providing advice in terms of availability.

Other topics that I enjoy: smell kink.

Water & # 39; the questions I ask

Will he create artistic craft art, books, music, etc. can not change or change human beings? Or "something" will always be absent?

Corner Recipe

Capsule Time

One year ago (Oct 28-Nov 3)

Week Concept

"Imagine if our ancestors had Internet news and smartphones, all day long, they would have been alert." Ging of Siberia was tortured by the winds & # 39; the prisoners were arrested. "The baby is going out of the bush, Mayan President Xocolatte is accused of raping a single-time girlfriend with friends.

– Becky thinks if our ancestors are receiving international news coverage.


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