We want to share your stories (and a provider!)

We want to share your stories (and a provider!)

Success stories go back to their regular position on Monday, but today I want to bring an invitation.

Now we have brought back the corner of the first month of the year, I know that some of you have already seen a great Primal or Primal-keto live. We would like to share your stories – to help other people here and to introduce different types of accounts and individual experiences of the reader. Will you join hundreds of other people who helped with the road?

For many years I have heard about time and again about people who are ultimately taking fraud because of a story that touched them personally. They may have the information, found the Primal rules, to read a week or even a month, but another reader reader made their journey home. The effects of the person started and the amazing change that led to the result – this was a story they learned to read. It was what they had achieved – they put them in their way to renew health, life and better living.

The fact is, when you share your story, you never know who you are. That's incredible.

I'll add that it's not important if you've reached the final goals or still you're going. If you feel better, better eating, exercise, sleeping well and live better, that's what makes people happy. I explain that there are a lot of people who are declining to put aside if they can do this love to be heard from someone who does not need to reach their goals, but to – one or two months showing that the beginning is not as complicated as they are. And that the benefits they come are as soon as they think.

Also, if you have been a year old (and even submitted a pretentious story) but continue to live a better life than you dreamed because of the changes you made earlier – we want to hear such You are in the course, what is the difference that you have received for help, long-term lessons. There is nothing new.

So, we allow to encourage us to turn us off.


Anyone who gives me their successful story with the pictures will be able to win the gift certificate & # 39; Primal Kitchen® & # 39; This is $ 200 of the Primal banks all over the Oil Avocado Oil, Maize, Milk, Cloth, or Collagen – your choice.

Do you want to try our Ice Snow or Green Fruit? Check it out. How about a full collection of Collagen or Protein Bars? Check it out. Do they prefer to produce Primal oil? Whatever your favorite, you got it.

We will also choose two additional offers for collecting Primal library with some of the most popular types: Primal connection, The Jeclow Primal, The Paleo Bootcamp for Adults, The Paleo Primer, and Primal Blueprint: Healthy Dairy and Clothes.

Anyone submitting a story will receive a discount of 20% and can be ordered from any PrimalKitchen.com or PrimalBlueprint.com.

I'm sure many of you have thought about sending your story, but you did not get it. There is not a good time now.

Write and add a few pictures of the performance, it is better (because it's easy to set up the page). In addition, Primal Primal and Post-Primal are also better, but not required.

Do not worry if you are not Adonis. This is not the "most popular" competition. In every place you are in your turn, tell me what your Primal has done for you now.

How to Handle

I am looking for interesting and personal stories. For details on your medical history, how did you get MDA and Primo Blueprint, what worked and what else, why are you different about how you look and feel, and anything else that you think readers can be able to learn from and open to sharing is welcome. It does not have to be a 3000 text, but it is hoped for more than a few. Being free to be creative in the story style, too. Still, remember, good stories are usually the beginning, the middle, and the end – and the honesty is king.

See other Other Success Guides here for tips on how to write your story.

Tell me your story and pictures. Please use the theme "My Primal Story". Otherwise, there is a good chance that we can not handle your referral.


Anyone in the world can go.

In addition, everyone submits a successful story of Daily Daily's Daily Presence for a new story and new pictures.

Final deadline:

Friday, March 8, 2019, center PST

How To Car Crash:

My staff and we go to & # 39; trust the stories and photos that are published on the MDA. Those who win the award will be selected You're smart from the deadline for submission.

Thanks, everyone. I am happy to read you send-and to share with MDA. Make a great week.


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