Wayne State University Physician Group files Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization

Wayne State University Physician Group files Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization

The University of University of Medicine & Nursing faculty, registered for reorganization of the 11th Fund, and sought to get out of non-residential areas. outside to focus on downtown Detroit.

The medical work, which operates 873 people, said in the court's court on Wednesday and Thursday at the Detroit National Court of Justice that he was planning to continue his work, carrying out the management of Midtown Detroit and focused on being "the first medical practitioner" for the Detroit Medical Center.

"This is not the case or the closing – on the other hand, UPG will continue to work and focus on providing essential medical medications while supporting the WSU science academy," said President Charles Shanley, MD message to Wayne State for doing.

The statement came several weeks after the UPG reached an agreement to continue with DMC, owned by Tenet Healthcare Inc. (NYSE: THC) owns. The relationship between the gang, clinical system, and the university at university has suffered years.

The program revealed that over the last decade, UPG's doctors refused 50 percent, which had suffered from hospitals and made a free donation to the city's offices. He plans to use Chapter 11 to stop operations in all areas of the city, he said in a courtroom.

The lawyer seeking court fees against the bankruptcy challenge for denial of the contract can not be supported.

He also demands permission to pay a paid salary, which says, "Rumors of bankruptcy banking have put up the UPG on the side, and there is a deep concern about keeping up with it after notification of entry into this issue. "

According to Dr. Wayne Dean Jack Sobel, MD, the medical statement in the message to the following states: "School Pharmacy School and local residents know that this does not apply to schoolwork and that this decision will not affect their education. "

When asked for a comment, a state spokesman of the University of Wayne reported a letter to the Sobel letter to the University of Columbia.

Wayne State's medical consultations have been discussed with Henry Ford Health System on a deeper relationship. Speakers to Wayne Wayne and Henry Ford say they do not expect bankruptcy registration to influence these recommendations.

The account accounts show all assets and subscriptions between $ 10 million and 50 million. The offer is that payment can be made for a non-debt loan, up to 200 to 999.

Most of the creditors listed in the credit card are the property owners of the UPG. Most of the estimated borrowers are the Chicago Troy Hospital Homes, which pay 27.4 million US dollars under sale.

The University of Wayne was also credited with one of the most creditors, with $ 5.6 million for sale and parking, and $ 723,000 for rent.

In a letter on Thursday, UPG asked for suspension of leases in the following locations:

  • 4160 John R, Suite 925 and 930, Detroit.
  • 5479 Schaefer, Dearborn. Dearborn Schaeffer Office Co. LLC owned it, which owned $ 1.86 million, according to the court.
  • Dearborn Town Center, Suite 165/260, Dearborn.
  • 1135 and 1136 W. University of Rochester. He is Walton Crittenton MOB LLC, responsible for $ 5.7 million, according to the court.

UPG says he and his doctors are affiliated with Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, Beaumont Health Centers, Critenton Centers for Careers, Ford Ford Health Center, Oakwood Healthcare Inc., St. John Providence Health System and St. Joseph Mercy Oakland.

"Wayne State Officers; Doctor Group files don Chapter 11 bankruptcy reboot" originally appears in Crain's Detroit Business.