Washing machine consumption demand upgrade Smart health selling point appears

Washing machine consumption demand upgrade Smart health selling point appears

With the sustained slow growth of the world economy, the Chinese economy has also experienced slow development. Investment, consumption, and export troikas are becoming weaker in stimulating economic growth. Data show that as of November 2016, China’s investment, consumption, and export growth were 8.3%, 10.4%, and negative 1.8%, respectively. The main factor driving economic growth.

Washing machine consumption demand upgrade smart health selling point appears

In addition, the income level of residents has steadily improved the consumption structure, and the quality of life has been significantly improved, which has also promoted the continuous upgrading of products in the white electricity market.

After the negative growth in the first half of the year in the washing machine market in 2016, there was a strong counterattack in the second half of the year. According to data from Aowei Cloud Network, in 2016, China’s washing machine market achieved a sales volume of 34.28 million units, up 2.2 percentage points year-on-year, of which online sales were 10.93 million units, an increase of 44.8%, and offline sales of 23.35 million units, down 10.1 year-on-year. %.

The market is extremely competitive Structure features are directly at the price

Under the general situation, the structural adjustment and competition of the washing machine market continued, whether it is a pulsator or a drum or a type of frequency conversion or intelligence. In terms of price, the market competition is still fierce.

Pulse:1500Yuancheng price watershed

Pulse washing machine price segmentation trend It is also extremely obvious, and the market below 1,500 yuan is very important. The data of Aowei Cloud Network (AVC) shows that the market share of low-end products below 1500 yuan in 2016 is relatively obvious. The low-end models below 1500 yuan accounted for 62.3% of the sales volume and 37.6% of the sales volume in the pulsator market; the trend of large-capacity development of the pulsator was slow, and the sales share of 83.5% was concentrated in the market of 8.0kg and below; In the price segment, the proportion of retail sales of 6.5kg and 7.0kg and the year-on-year growth trend are good, and the development trend of 7.5kg products in the price range of 1000-1499 is optimistic.

The mid-to-high-end pulsator market of 2000+ or ​​above, the products began to take the quality route, the overall configuration level of the model has been significantly improved, and the product features are more vivid; the product capacity is concentrated at 7.5kg, 8.0kg and 8.5kg. Frequency conversion products account for more than 70%; intelligent products account for more than 20%; the current market competition with Haier, Little Swan and Panasonic has the most advantages, the market share is quite high, other mainstream brands also participate; in terms of product differentiation Double power, water magic square based on the middle end, foam net, no-clean positioning high-end.

Roller: The market share of drying products has increased significantly

The price segments of the single-wash products are scattered, but below the middle and low end of 4000. The market retail share has a certain year-on-year growth; with the development of the large-capacity trend, the capacity share of 7.5kg and below has been significantly squeezed, followed by the 8.0kg outbreak, 9.0kg and 10.0kg market trend is good. According to the data of Ovi Cloud, the number of brands in the 10.0kg washing machine market has increased from 12 in 2015 to 17 in 2016. In 16 years, new models have been invested frequently and the market is active. In addition, the market share of tumble dryer products increased significantly in 2016. Overall, drying is still appearing as a high-end configuration in the new product series released by the company. The market for tumble drying products is high-end, concentrated in the price range of 4000—8000 yuan, the capacity is 8KG, and the proportion of key retail sales is 51.3%.

In 2016, the independent dryers made their debut. The total online and offline retail sales was 165,000 units, and the retail sales amounted to 500 million yuan. It is expected that the 2017 momentum will be even stronger. However, from the current market share, Siemens, Bosch, Panasonic and other foreign brands have almost occupied the entire market.

Technology upgrades continue to advance Pure smart phones will exit the market

Analysis of the pulsator and After the two types of product types of the drum, let us look at the market situation of the inverter washing machine and the washing machine with Wi-Fi function from the perspective of product technology upgrade.

Frequency conversion: growth space is mainly at the low end price

The current inverter penetration rate in the washing machine market is still in a state of continuous advancement, and the pulsator products are subject to various factors. Impact, the variable permeability penetration space is limited, mainly at the mid-end price; the penetration rate of the drum at the mid-to-high end price is nearly saturated, and the growth space is mainly at the low end price. Aowei cloud network data shows that the penetration rate of retail sales of frequency conversion products increased from 62.6% to 72.7%, an increase of more than 10 percentage points. The retail volume penetration rate of the pulsator inverter washing machine is 37.0%; the retail value of the drum inverter washing machine is 92.0%, and the market is highly mature.

Smart:wifiIntelligent control grows significantlyRoller Intelligence is the main force

In 2016, the popularity of smart products is still there, among which wifi intelligent control is the most obvious growth. Subdivided into various washing types, the drum is the absolute main force of the intelligent market; the market positioning of wifi intelligent control and intelligent addition has obvious distinction. The intelligent control of wifi gradually became popular and the positioning was low. The smart addition was still a high-end configuration; however, the purely intelligent added products gradually withdrew from the market. According to Ovi Cloud.com, the penetration rate of smart washing machines in 2016 was 26.2%, an increase of 11.0%. The fastest development is wifi intelligent control function, wifi intelligent control retail share is 45.7%, an increase of up to 21.2%; wifi intelligent control and smart addition share is 35.1%, an increase of 3.2%; pure smart add products are strongly squeezed Pressure, the share fell by 24.5 percentage points, and the retail sales accounted for only 19.2%.

Consumping consumer demand Health and environmental protection concept collectively

With the income level of residents Steadily improved, people’s quality of life has been greatly improved, and demand has also changed from a popular demand to a high demand for health and environmental protection. Under such circumstances, more and more washing machine manufacturers have made great efforts in this field, integrating healthy, environmentally friendly and humanized design into products, and constantly catering to the needs of consumers.

The Haier washing machine developed the original wisdom ball technology in 2014. Through the smart ball, the high-speed collision and friction between the inner and outer barrels of the washing machine can achieve the purpose of removing dirt. Following the wisdom ball, Haier washing machine continued to plow in the concept of healthy and environmentally friendly washing machine. In 2016, it launched a new technology of “no water between barrels” to achieve no-wash inside and outside barrels. In addition to making a big fuss in the barrel, Haier has also introduced a new product, which is free of cleaning. It is a category innovation of “divisional washing + no-cleaning”, which meets the needs of users to “separate and wash at the same time” for adults and children. New hot spots of market concern.

It is different from Haier’s work on the barrel. The Panasonic washing machine positions the healthy washing machine on the double sterilization. It realizes “laundry” through the application of photo-activated silver sterilization and 95 high-temperature sterilization. The perfect combination of protective clothing solves the user’s troubles.

In addition to washing, noise reduction is also a major factor affecting people’s healthy life. Hisense recently launched a washing machine that focuses on mute, sterilization, and waterfall washing technology. This washing machine is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is quieter.

With the implementation of the national “Made in China 2025” strategy, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners are the main representatives. The future of the white electricity industry will move toward high-end, intelligent, convenient and secure, China The advantages of manufacturing will be more prominent. In 2017, China’s washing machine market will maintain a stable growth trend. It is estimated that the retail volume will reach 34.99 million units, a year-on-year increase of 2.1%, and the retail sales will reach 62.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.0%. The prices of online and offline products are expected to rise. In 2017, the online retail market will account for 37.3% of the total retail sales, and the retail sales is expected to reach 30.5%.