Wash and dry one Galanz 10kg large capacity smart drum washing machine interpretation of healthy lifestyle

Wash and dry one Galanz 10kg large capacity smart drum washing machine interpretation of healthy lifestyle

The birth of the washing machine frees the hands, but with the accelerating pace of life, the basic laundry function can also meet the people’s demand for quality life? The traditional washing machine needs to dry before washing the clothes, not only Trouble, it is easy to forget, so that it produces problems such as wrinkles, odors, and even bacteria that affect the health of the family.

Grands is aiming at the urgent needs of modern family life. This year, a 10kg washing and drying smart washing machine was launched. Washing and drying the laundry method has become a common choice for many families.

 Washing and drying one Galanz 10kg large capacity intelligent drum washing machine to interpret healthy lifestyle

Grands washing machine R&D technician Introduction, the washing machine combines the washing and drying function on one washing machine, which not only saves the space of one dryer, but also realizes one-stop completion of washing and drying, and realizes ready-to-wear. Whether it is the rainy weather in the south or the weather in the icy snow in the north, the clothes can be quickly dried in 48 minutes to achieve instant wash and wear, completely eliminating the impact of weather on the clothes.

The arrival of the second child era, the Galanz washing and drying machine with a washing capacity of 10 kg and 6 kg of drying capacity, in the capacity design to meet a size of clothing. Difficult sheets, quilt covers, curtains and other large items, traditional small-capacity washing machines generally do not move, 10 kg of large capacity is enough to meet the washing of large objects. The new air washing method makes it easy to remove bacteria and remove odor. Facing the mountains of clothing, it is no longer an annoyance in front of you.

In addition, the washing machine adopts a honeycomb inner tube. The washing process produces a water film to protect the clothes. The small hole of the inner tube greatly reduces the damage of the burr on the clothes, and the configuration is up to 1400 rpm. Keep the clothes clean and not hurt. LED large screen display control panel, a variety of washing procedures are available, to achieve targeted washing and dressing, peace of mind and effort. For the door seal ring that is easy to hide dirt, special antibacterial door seal ring is adopted. After authoritative testing, the sterilization rate is as high as 99%, so that the laundry environment is kept clean.

According to the 2017 Home Power Grid Purchase Analysis Report jointly released by the CCID Research Institute and the China Electronics News, the washing and drying machine has become the fastest growing category in the washing machine industry, 2017. Retail sales increased by 84.4% year-on-year, and retail sales increased by 56.39%. There is still no small growth potential in the future.

The current consumption upgrades continue to deepen. Most of China’s consumers have risen from “basic consumption” to “quality consumption”, and the replacement of early-purchased washing machines is also underway. According to market trends, Galanz has continuously introduced new high-end washing machines and healthy smart washing machines to bring green and healthy quality of life to consumers.