Want to fight cancer through diet? Please remember these 4!

Want to fight cancer through diet? Please remember these 4!

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The radish is considered the king of vegetables in Japan. Because Japanese scholars have found that after adding appropriate amount of β-carotene to patients with liver cancer, the number of cancerous cells showing a high value will decrease. After more than 29 years of observation, American scientists have found that people who regularly eat carrots and vegetarians will have a 40% chance of getting lung cancer.

Do you want to fight cancer through diet? Please remember this 4!

The study also found that carotene has significant inhibitory effects on gastric cancer, bladder cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer. Moreover, carrots also contain various ingredients such as vitamin C and lignin, which also have anti-cancer effects.

Carotene is a fat-soluble vitamin. Carotene is not destroyed by cooking or stewing. Carotene is more soluble and easy to absorb by adding proper amount of meat.

Onion and garlic

Onion contains propylene sulfide, an ingredient that promotes the elimination of carcinogens from the body and increases the risk of cancer in the body. Onion can also inhibit the conversion of nitrate to nitrite by gastrointestinal bacteria, blocking subsequent carcinogenic processes. Garlic also contains a high content of trace element selenium, which is also directly related to its anti-cancer effect.

In addition, the onion leaves contain polysaccharides and cellulose, and the polysaccharides can agglutinate with cancer cells, thereby inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, thereby preventing the occurrence of cancer.

Although the benefits of eating onion and garlic are many, but not too much, because from the perspective of Chinese medicine, garlic and raw onion are warm foods in vegetables, so there is a fever Patients with cancer should pay attention to food when eating garlic and raw onions. Patients with stomach ulcers should also be careful not to eat too much garlic, because garlic is very irritating, and excessive consumption can make ulcer disease worse.

Do you want to fight cancer through diet? Please Remember these 4!

Five-color “medicinal” fruits and vegetables

The American Cancer Society recently recommended that people eat red, yellow, green, A salad made of 5 fruits and vegetables in purple and white.

The main ingredients of red fruits and vegetables are lycopene and anthocyanins. The representative vegetables are beets, tomatoes, carrots, and red peppers; the representative fruits are apples, strawberries, watermelons, pomegranates, and cherries. The main function is to prevent cancer, enhance memory, reduce fatigue and stabilize mood.

The ingredients of yellow fruits and vegetables are vitamin C and carotenoids. The representative vegetables are pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato and cantaloupe; the representative fruits are orange, peach, orange, persimmon, apricot, pineapple, lemon, mango and papaya. The main functions are to prevent stomach problems, prevent cancer, and improve immunity.

The ingredient of green fruits and vegetables is lutein. Representative vegetables are cabbage, leeks, spinach, cabbage, asparagus, cauliflower, peas, cucumber; representative fruits are kiwi, lime, avocado, green grapes, green apples. The main function is to prevent cancer, help digestion, and strengthen bones.

The ingredients of purple fruits and vegetables are anthocyanins and polyphenols. Representative vegetables include eggplant and purple cabbage; representative fruits are grapes, plums, raisins, dried plums, and figs. The main function is to prevent cancer and enhance memory.

The ingredients of white fruits and vegetables are allicin and selenium. The representative vegetables are mushrooms, cauliflower, onions, garlic, and ginger; the representative fruits are bananas, pears, and white peaches. The main functions are to prevent cancer, strengthen cardiovascular system function, and lower cholesterol.

Do you want to fight cancer through diet? Please Remember these 4 items!

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is rich in starch, carotene and more than 10 kinds of trace elements such as potassium and iron. It can protect the structure of human epithelial cells, inhibit viral activity, block the production of nitrite in the gastrointestinal tract, eliminate the toxic effects caused by mercury, cadmium and arsenic in food or environment, and block the carcinogenic process of toxic metals.

The dehydroepiandrosterone, which is unique in sweet potato, can prevent cancer and prolong life. A large amount of data confirmed that dehydroepiandrosterone can effectively inhibit the occurrence of breast cancer and colon cancer.

But sweet potatoes lack protein and fat, so it’s best to mix them with other foods rich in protein and fat. Sweet potato also contains gasification enzymes. Eating too much may cause symptoms such as heartburn, pantothenic acid, bloating, snoring, etc., so it is not suitable for overdose. Generally, 150 grams is suitable.

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