Wang Xing people will also have arthritis

Wang Xing people will also have arthritis

Be careful that Wang Xing people suffer from arthritis

Arthritis is not a disease that humans will get. For Wang Xingren, suffering from arthritis is There is something that is hard to say. And now one out of every five dogs is suffering from the pain of arthritis. Once suffering from arthritis, the dog will be so bad that it will not be as good as death. Gradually, it will not love activities, the appetite will be worse, and the quality of life will be greatly reduced.

Causes of arthritis

Improve pet care conditions and eating habits, and life expectancy of pets is longer than before. Like many old grandparents, pet dogs are also likely to falter and have joint pain when they are older.


The obesity of pet dogs, like human obesity, exacerbates the burden on the joints, causes bone problems and arthritis, and when the body weight exceeds normal The higher the ratio of the state, the higher the chance of causing the disease. You can judge whether you are obese by touching the sides of the dog’s chest. If you can easily touch the ribs under the cortex, it is normal. If you feel that there is a thick layer of fat, you need to use force to touch the ribs. Go to the pet hospital for a veterinarian identification.


The arthritis of dogs may have a genetic effect. Because of the close breeding of purebred dogs, the hip arthritis of dogs is mostly In relation to heredity, any parent has developed hip dysplasia, and her inbreeding purebred dogs have a very high chance of hereditary hip arthritis.


Normal articular cartilage acts as a “shock absorber” that acts as a buffer and lubrication when the joints move. Long-term excessive exercise of dogs can lead to chronic wear and tear of articular cartilage, and excessive wear of articular cartilage can easily lead to arthritis. So how do you know if your dog has arthritis?

Poke to teach you arthritis self-test

Wang Xingren will also have arthritis

Wang Xingren will also have arthritis

Wang Xing people will also have arthritis

Wang Xing people will also have arthritis

Wang Xing people will also have arthritis

How to treat

Body Control

If a dog unfortunately has arthritis and is overweight, lowering the weight of the dog can reduce its joints. Burden to reduce joint wear during exerciseWays to reduce weight include dieting, weight control, and regular training.

Doing low-intensity exercises often

Excessive exercise not only increases the pain of the dog, but also increases joint damage. But not exercising can lead to the accumulation of inflammatory substances, making the condition worse. Therefore, we need to develop a moderately low-intensity exercise for dogs, such as walking or swimming every day. Dogs should be trained for 15-30 minutes per day. Do not feed immediately after exercise. At least 30 minutes of rest, or vomiting.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

The goal of anti-inflammatory treatment is to relieve the pain of the dog and eliminate inflammation of the joints, thereby increasing their mobility. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are currently the most commonly used treatments for dog arthritis, similar to ibuprofen, aspirin and other painkillers used by humans. The anti-inflammatory drug commonly used in pet dogs is called berlin (tepoarin). Do not use some drugs for humans without consulting a pet doctor. Most people use pain-relieving drugs for pets. Said to be deadly.

Physical Therapy

There is no cure for pet dog arthritis. Infrared treatments, spas, and other traditional physical treatments are also helpful for dogs.

Surgical therapy

Because of the high cost of surgery, it may also cause more pain in the dog, so only when all other possible non-surgical treatments When it doesn’t work, the veterinarian will recommend surgery to relieve the pain and correct joint abnormalities. The types of surgery performed include joint repair, fusion, hip replacement, and arthroscopic surgery.

Nutrition Therapy

The study found that dietary nutrition therapy can improve arthritis. Cartilage is added to the dog’s food to enhance the metabolism of chondrocytes and synovial cells, inhibit inflammatory mediators and prevent the formation of intravascular emboli, thereby preventing cartilage degeneration. Common are glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids.

Prevention is better than cure. The best prevention method is to provide the dog with a reasonable diet, good management and proper exercise, especially to timely feed the dog with cartilage protective nutrients to prevent cartilage loss, joint degeneration and inflammation.

The treatment of dog arthritis is very difficult. You need to observe more dogs on weekdays. If you find out early, you can kill arthritis in the germination stage, so that dogs can live with quality.

In order for the dog to sleep well

Wang Xing people will also have arthritis

19-year-old dog Schroep suffers from arthritis, only hugs under the lake near home To fall asleep. The 41-year-old John Unger chooses this way every day to let his loved ones sleep for a good night.

Be kind to every life, even if he is just a dog.

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