Walking to prevent health, how to walk out of health

Walking to prevent health, how to walk out of health

How to walk to prevent health and walk out of health

Working prescriptions for office workers are: go off work, at least 2 per week Walk more than once, each time no less than 30 minutes. Keep your heart rate at 100 times per minute while walking.

How to prevent health?

Walking can prevent disease

1 Preventing heart disease

Walking is the easiest and most convenient way to prevent heart disease. Walking exercise can prevent atherosclerosis, and there are ways to use it as a method of rehabilitation for patients with heart disease and myocardial infarction, and achieved good results.

2Anti-brain atrophy

One of the ways to prevent brain atrophy and senile dementia It is to ensure that you walk no less than 9.6 kilometers per week. Because walking can not only increase the size of the brain, but also reduce the chance of memory problems50%.


In fact, controlling diabetes is not difficult, research Indicates that you stay on 3 days a week and walk within 30 minutes3 km, the incidence of diabetes can be reduced25%; weekly 4 days, Decrease 33%; weekly 5 days, then decrease 42%.

4Preventing lower extremity venous thrombosis

The process of walking is the lower extremity Muscle contraction and relaxation, just like a liquid pump, allows blood to flow back from the distal end of the limb to the heart, and the foot and ankle are fully active to avoid venous thrombosis of the lower extremity.

5Reduce cervical spondylosis

Walking with a head and neck Stretching and shoulder muscle activities can help alleviate the fatigue of the neck, back and back muscles, ligaments and joints caused by long-term illnesses, and have obvious effects on the prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis.


6Beneficial gastrointestinal

Walking increases lung respiration It enhances lung function, promotes gastrointestinal motility, enhances digestion and nutrient absorption of food, and improves immunity.

Best time to walk


This time period, the sun rises, the plant Photosynthesis has begun in full swing, and green plants are constantly delivering fresh oxygen. After eating a rich breakfast and adding a proper amount of water, it is suitable for people to walk outdoors quickly.


The oxygen content in the atmosphere is relatively high, which is most suitable for walking fast walking fitness. It is more appropriate to walk half an hour or one hour after dinner. The idea of ​​”a hundred steps after a meal, can live ninety-nine” is not scientific, because after eating, the blood is mainly distributed in the digestive system. If you exercise immediately, the blood of the digestive system will flow to the limbs, which is not conducive to food digestion and nutrition. absorb.

The poor state of walking

When people walk, the whole body is followed by activities, including chest, bending, bowing, carrying hands, and holding their hands in their pockets. In the walking position, the two arms are close to each other, the outer eight characters and the inner eight characters, but the meridians do not get good relaxation, and the body does not get the oxygen supply. In addition, the spine problem caused by the wrong posture will be reflected to the brain, leaving the brain in a state of tension.

Walking is not the result of sweating, it is best to sweat slightly. If you want to see if your exercise intensity is not enough, you can measure your heart rate. Generally speaking, after walking, your heart rate +age=170 Suitable. It is best to take an hour every day, at least to ensure 6000 steps.