Walgreens speaks to Humana: Report

Walgreens speaks to Humana: Report

Walgreens is in the first interview to join with Humans, reports Wall Street Journal. Deerfield, Pharmaceuticals, and Louisville, a leading account manager,

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to abuse one another. An option can develop a partnership that announced this summer that provides services for the elderly.

This step comes from the newsletters that 69 billion dollars between Walgreens Archrival, CVS, and Aetna, announced in December, are expected to be closed after Thanksgiving.

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Walgreens CEO Stefano Pessina has been a joint partner since he took the first step in 2015. At the press conference in January, an Italian journalist noted, "If you can make a deal the value, the direct bond, the good thing for the market and it's good for your company. "

Walgreens spokesman refused to comment.

"Walgreens speaks to Humana: Report"originally appeared in Crain's Chicago Business.