Vegetarians can also supplement nutrition during pregnancy.

Vegetarians can also supplement nutrition during pregnancy.

Pregnant vegetarians can also supplement two vegetarian recipes Recommend

Hakka Stuffed Tofu for Vegetarian Recipes

The ingredients needed for this recipe are 500g tofu, 200g Pork, 2 mushrooms, and the right amount of soup, starch, salt, soy sauce, MSG and so on.

Main practice: First, the expectant mothers must first cut the tofu into 3 cm square chunks, then hollow out the middle part and set aside. Secondly, the pork and shiitake mushrooms are washed and chopped, and the seasonings are added to stir the stuffing, and then stuffed into the tofu which has been hollowed out in the middle of the front part. Put it in a hot oil pan, and after it has been cooked on both sides, remove it and place it neatly in a large bowl. Then pour the right amount of broth into the pot, add the appropriate amount of salt, soy and soy sauce to boil, pour into the bowl containing the tofu, put the bowl into the pot, steam for 10 minutes on high heat. Finally, take out the bowl containing the tofu, pour the soup in the bowl into the pot, and use the starch to thicken it and pour it on the tofu. Then the dish is finished.

Tofu, mushrooms and pork are good sources of high-quality protein, and animal protein with plant protein can effectively increase the absorption rate. Therefore, this dish is a very good choice for vegetarian mothers.

Sautéed sweet potato puree for vegetarian recipes

The ingredients to be prepared for this recipe are 250 grams of sweet potato, and a large spoonful of brown sugar, rose Juice, sesame, honey, cooked peanuts, candied dates, cooked sunflower seeds.

Main practice: First of all, mothers must first clean the sweet potatoes with water, steam them in the pot, peel them, and pour them into mud. Then put the right amount of oil in the pot, and then pour the sweet potato mud into the stir fry after the oil is hot. Secondly, the brown sugar and water are melted and poured into the sweet potato mud, and the stir fry continues. Finally, just add rose juice, sesame, honey, cooked peanuts, candied dates, and cooked sunflower seeds into the pot, and continue to stir fry.

The sweet potato contains a lot of vitamins and is rich in vitamins. It can supplement multivitamins for expectant mothers.