Vegan's Summer Plan Ideas! Foods, Medicines, Easy Food, Kaaba and More.

Vegan's Summer Plan Ideas! Foods, Medicines, Easy Food, Kaaba and More.

Sunshine, holidays, boring days, out-of-school children, beaches, lakes, boats, sand, walking, relaxation, cycling, summer. She feels there is much to do outside At this time of year costing domestic, kitchen, huddled over hot heat, feels a little bit incompetent. If you feel too little to cook in this kitchen at this time of year, do not worry, it will go away, and it's normal.

In the fall, I get that & # 39; take every day in the kitchen & # 39; again. But now, let's make some of it easy, quick, poetry Food, snacks, treatments and shoes and go back to the sun!

Here is me Vegan's Summer Plan Ideas: Foods, Medicines, Snakes and Seeds (And More)

More than 40 ideas to encourage …

Yes summer summer …

Yup, little tan on the job list.

But we can eat, yes? Here are more than 40 ideas to inspire your food and summer activities …

First, snacks! Summer is a snack season. Here are the things I like to nibble.

7+ Vegan Summer Food

1. Avocado Toast or Mushroom Toast or PB Banana Toast
2. Summer Vegetables (Stores, Plums, Margins, Rent …)
3. Energy Cards or Granola Bars (with Chocolate)
4. Nachos or Quesadillas or Cheese Grilled (Both well-cut apple!)
5. Vegan Cheese and Crackers (vegan fraction guide here)
6. Vegan Yogurt with plants (vegan tree guide)
7. Hummus + Pita + Green or Green
8. Hand and Chips or tortillas

Avocado toast is always a simple way for hunger in the summer.

10 Vegan food in the summeradd some of these sections!

1. Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers
2. TTLAs but Smoky Tempeh Wraps
3. A well stocked with tortillas
4. Veggie Dogs
5. Soodle Nail or Toilet Skin
6. Salad 2 Salad
7. Sweet Flash Sweets
8. Breakfast Breakfast (All Day)
9. Vegan & # 39; Tuna & # 39; Salad Sandwich – made with chickpeas
10. Vegan Philly Cheese

7+ Summer Vegan Medicines

1. Blueberry Bloody Blend or Foods and Cream or Cough Cookie or PB Cookie
2. Cream Sandwiches by So taste or another treatment that was purchased at vegan ice cream shops
3. Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk
4. Flamingo Cheesecake Canned (Bottled)
5. Silky, Fluffy Chocolate Pudding (with berry summer) – Rich protein!
6. Green Bread or Berry Roll
7. Bananas Bananas Bake Chocolate Chocolate
8. Cooks! It is safer to catch the beach, rise and much more. These are great.

7 Vegan Sips for Summer

See this leaflet for me 7 extra summer summer My fever should be Frosty Watermelon.

7+ potatoes with potatoes in the summer

1. Avocado Mango Arugula
2. Pink Cole Slaw
3. BBQ Tofu Salad with pets
4. Take the summer salmon or try to add Cobb or Caesar
5. Summer Transmission Salad
6. Macro Bowl
7. Taco Salad

Breakfast with & # 39; on the occasion? Get 12 Good Food Ideas Here!

7+ Vegan activities in the summer

1. Outdoor Art: Photography Day or Exterior Painting
2. Get Sporty! Try the sport you would like to play like a kid. Basketball, tennis, bicycle
3. Kindergarten
4. Walking Cycle, Park Strategy or Hiking
5. A thin day with a good book
Visit the local museum or tourist tourism
7. Look for a new restaurant, breakfast or coffee shop serving vegan opportunities that give you some businesses

Basically, exercise should bring you stability and calm and sunshine. Right

* picture Sabrina Hill

And if they all fail, Hawaii is always a plane …

Everyone happy!

This position reminds you later.