Unnecessary gift will cost $ 250 on loan debt

Unnecessary gift will cost $ 250 on loan debt

The two-year grant will be used to pardon those who spent $ 250 million in US medical accounts at the end of the year, a non-profitable RIP subsidy.

According to RIP Medical Debt, the campaign was the largest medical practitioner in the city's history. The company has purchased large companies from lenders and buyers on loan and forgives, helping families and people. The loan is withdrawn from the credit card and can not be collected, the group said.

An unknown woman after this gift said in an announcement that the epidemic of epidemic was a challenge to all without warning.

"It's only one billion dollars in debt debt that covers millions of non-hopeless Americans in the ocean who can seriously harm their health, so that they can recover," in announce the notification. "We just want to be able to do more."

RIP Medical Debt says he plans to forgive debt at levels, with $ 150 million forgiven immediately. Those who will receive will receive RIP certificates in the hospital on September 6. Of the $ 150million loan, 50 million US dollars will be for the former US military and their families. The next 100 million US dollars will be this year, with a 50 million phone number for Thanksgiving and $ 50 million for ceremonies, according to the RIP Medical account.

RIP reports, Jerry Ashton and Craig Antico, said in a statement that,

a]to promote health in the United States.

"This amazing work will give hope to many people who feel they are taking this responsibility only when they need it most," they said.

According to the RIP Medical Debt, one of the five people living in the United States is a medical practitioner, and about half of the credit card in the United States is from debt debt.