UHS grows profitable, according to the DOJ policy of about 90 million dollars

UHS grows profitable, according to the DOJ policy of about 90 million dollars

The World Health Organization continues to grow a third percent of about 22% a year, according to the Thursday news agency on Thursday.

The President of Prussia, Pa.-based company reported 171.7 million US dollars in UHS revenue in the third quarter of 2018, from 141.2 million dollars at the same time in 2017. Agricultural production increased by 4.2% to 2.65 billion dollars , compared to $ 2.54 billion in the third quarter of 2017.

UHS & # 39 fell only according to statistics conducted by researchers reporting on the Zacks survey, which made the company a third-party income over 2.7 billion US dollars, or an increase of 5.5%. The report found in the savings account will be 1.4 billion dollars, while the health rate will be 1.2 billion dollars, or 5% increase by 5% to 3.8%.

The result of the third quarter of the company included a tax rate of 48 million dollars per year in the medical care system provided for medical research. When the company reported the second quarter in July, this release contained approximately $ 43 million. Since September 30, the amount of money worth about 90 million dollars, said the company on Thursday. Government surveys or hospitals provide false response to the services.

The UHS reported that before paying taxes, taxes, upgrades and $ 377.7 million in the third quarter, nearly 4 percent, compared to 363.4 million dollars in the third quarter of 2017 .

The graduation of the UHS & Nursing Clinic increased by 1.5% on its original basis. The revenue generated by increased revenue increased by 6.6%, more than ever before. The rise in UHS and health centers increased by 4.7 percent in one quarter, while revenue by receipts did not increase by 1.9%.

Also, the entries fell under Zacks & # 39; Zacks that have been predicted of this process will increase by 3.7% annually, as well as medical health programs by 3.4% annually.

UHS & share share prices dropped slightly on Thursday, ending 0.4% at $ 121.55.